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August 30th

Тигран Борисович Горгиев (30-08-1910 - 13-12-1976) Russian-Ukrainian composer and International Master (Tigran Borisovich Gorgiev)

Tigran Gorgiev

Tigran Gorgiev was an endgame study composer and International Judge. He was associated with the grotesque style and with domination studies.
You can read this article by S.Tkachenko about T.Gorgiev and his studies on
JMRW has selected some studies by Gorgiev on his site.
Tigran Gorgiev wrote a collection of  his studies "Избранные этюды" (Izbrannye Etyudy, 1959).

Горгиев, Тигран Борисович
Lenin MT, 1970
4th Prize

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Hermann Albrecht (30-08-1915 - 26-05-1982) German composer

Hermann Albrecht

Hermann Albrecht was a twomover specialist. He did not compose much but was very sollicited for anticipation research, because of his vast collection of more than 80,000 twomovers. This collection, the 'Albrecht-Sammlung', was later inherited and enriched by Udo Degener. Udo published in 2007 the book "Hermann Albrecht - 117 Zweizüger" about his work.
Hermann Albrecht was the editor of the twomover section of "Die Schwalbe" from 1946 until 1963 and an International Judge since 1957.

Albrecht, Hermann
Szachista, 1938
3rd Prize

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Giorgio Mirri (30-08-1917 - 10-05-2007) Italian composer and Honorary Master

Giorgi Mirri
[© Hannu Harkola]

Giorgi Mirri, Antonio Argüelles and Antonio Piatesi
[© Hannu Harkola]

Giorgi Mirri was a twomover composer known for his original and complex ideas. He became International Judge in 1985.

Mirri, Giorgio
Northwest Chess, 1973
2nd Prize

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Mirri, Giorgio
L'Italia Scacchistica
1st Prize

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Edward Pałłasz (30-08-1936 - 22-12-2019) Polish composer

Edward Pałłasz
[Source: PWM]

In chess composition Edward Pałłasz was mostly known for his pawn studies, but he was also a renowned music composer (check his page on the Polish Music Information Centre webpage).

Pałłasz, Edward
3rd-4th Prize
Szachista, Jun 1997 (41)

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