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August 20th

Samuel M. Joseph (20-08-1847 - 1910) American composer

Samuel Joseph composed direct mates.

Joseph, Samuel M.
Brighton Society, 1895
1st Prize

#2 10 + 9

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B.J.M. Markx (20-08-1874 - ?) Dutch composer

B.J.M.Markx composed direct mates and selfmates.
Here are two selfmates worthy of your attention:

Markx, B. J. M.
Tijdschrift van den NSB, 1926 (4624)

s#4 9 + 4

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Markx, B. J. M.
Tijdschrift van den NSB, 1926 (4681)
1st Prize

s#6 7 + 5

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Gligor Denkovski (20-08-1946 - 15-01-2015) Macedonian composer

Gligor Denkovski

Gligor Denkovski composed in all genres. His favourite field is retro problems; his booklet "My Retro Problems" including 50 of his best retro works can be downloaded in PDF format from here.
Together with his son Ivan, Gligor was the director of ISC 2014 & 2015, as well as regular director of Open Solving Championships of Serbia last years. (Short obit by Marjan Kovačević)

Denkovski, Gligor
Liga Problemista, 1982 (3/)
1st Place

h#32 solutions
3 + 8

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Валерий Альбертович Сурков (20-08-1965) Russian composer (Valery Albertovich Surkov)

Valery Surkov, 2007

Valery Surkov is a very prolific composer from Ryazan.
His favourite stipulation is selfmate and his problems were shown on his own website [broken link].
Valery is also present on LiveJournal or on Facebook and YouTube.

Сурков, Валерий Альбертович
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1994

5 + 2

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