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August 23rd

Jan Kotrč (23-08-1862 - 17-10-1943) Czech composer

Jan Kotrč

Jan Kotrč lived in Vienna from 1900 until his death. He was a chess player and a specialist of the Bohemian threemover.
He was an editor of chess magazines "Šach-Mat" (1884-1885), "České listy šachové" (which he founded, 1896-1900) in Prague, and "Arbeiter Schachzeitung" in the 1920s-1930s in Vienna. In 1910 he published with Karel Traxler "Sachove Ulovy" containing their best works.

Kotrč, Jan
Шахматы 1929
1st Prize

#3 7 + 9

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Никтополион Павлович Кащеев (23-08-1914 - 1989) Ukrainian composer (Niktopolion Pavlovich Kashcheyev)

V. Kozhakin, Leonid Lyubashevski and Vitaly Shevchenko present Niktopolion Pavlovich Kashcheyev on page 29 of "Запорожские миниатюры".

Niktopolion Kashcheyev has composed more than 2000 problems including several hundreds of miniatures. He initiated many persons from Zaporozhye to chess problems.

Кащеев, Никтополион Павлович
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1967

#3 5 + 2

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Павел Александрович Мурашёв (23-08-1962) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Pavel Aleksandrovich Murashev)

Pavel Murashev started composing in 1978 and resumed this activity in 2007 after a 20-year break. He composes direct mates and helpmates, with a preference for #2.

Мурашёв, Павел Александрович
П. Аринушкин - 75, 2008
1st Prize

#2 v 9 + 11

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Γεώργιος Γεωργόπουλος (23-08-1964) Greek composer (Georgios Georgopoulos)

Georgios Georgopoulos composes direct mates and has had excellent results, such as the 1st place in the 4th WCCT - section moremovers (see below).

Georgopoulos, Georgios
The Problemist, 1992
1st HM

#4 8 + 12

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Georgopoulos, Georgios
4th WCCT C, 1989
1st Place, 1989-1992

#9 7 + 8

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Martin Minski (23-08-1969) German composer and Grandmaster

Martin Minski

Martin Minski is an endgame studies composer, one of the best of his generation. In EG 166 (October 2006), as a friend mentioned, you may read 3 pages of dialogue between Martin Minski and John Roycroft about endgame study composition, judging study tourneys, etc.
JMRW has put a fair number of his studies on a dedicated page of his website.
He is the co-author with Gerd Wilhelm Hörning and Gerhard Josten of "Wege zu Schachstudien" (2006).
Martin became an International Master in 2017.

Minski, Martin
1st Honorable Mention

+ 5 + 3

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