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August 10th

John Griswold White (10-08-1845 - 27-08-1928) American composer

John G. White

John G. White was the chess book collector who donated his immense collection to the Cleveland Public Library. He was not Alain Campbell White's father.

White, John Griswold
Canadian Illustrated News, 1879

#4 5 + 2

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Lőrinc Bata (10-08-1907 - 10-08-1991) Hungarian composer

Lorinc Bata

Lőrinc Bata composed direct mates and studies. He was a twomover specialist.

Bata, Lőrinc
Parallèle 50, 1947
1st Prize, April-June

#2 11 + 8

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Caetano Belliboni (10-08-1919 - 05-02-1991) Brazilian composer

Caetano Belliboni

Caetano Belliboni was born in Italy and migrated to Brazil during his teens. He started composing in the 1940s, abandoned composition for a long period and was 'reactivated' by Felix Sonnenfeld in the 1980s. He was the Brazilian delegate at the PCCC for 5 congresses.
He wrote an "Introdução ao problema heterodoxo" (Introduction to the heterodox problem) in 1983.

Belliboni, Caetano
IIe T. TNCP, 1988
1st Prize

#2 11 + 13

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Per Ingvar Olin (10-08-1951) Finnish composer

Per Olin
[© Hannu Harkola]

Per Olin composes endgame studies, fairy problems and retro problems as well. For instance he composed fairy chess games entirely determined by their last move. One example, given by Alain Brobecker on his website:
"Find the unique game containing 5.Sc3xRd1 and finishing with 12.Qf7xRc4#" (Per Ingvar Olin, Problemkiste 1997)

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Olin, Per Ingvar
Springaren, 1996 (8511)
Special Prize

h=2 on each file and rank 33 + 16

Taking the pieces placed on each file and rank, find the help-stalemate in two moves (there are 16 different problems on the diagram).

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Tadashi Wakashima (10-08-1952) Japanese composer (若島 正)

Tadashi Wakashima is a shogi and fairy chess composer, IM in solving and the Japanese delegate at WFCC. He is also a Nabokov expert, member of the Nabokov Society of Japan. He was mentioned in the 23rd April post dedicated to Vladimir Nabokov.
And he is an indefatigable promoter of chess composition in Japan and the chief editor of the Japanese magazine "Problem Paradise", whose fairy editor is Vlaicu Crisan. It's a small world...
He is the organizer of the 55th WCCC which will take place in Kobe in September this year.

He invented the Variables, fairy pieces whose nature is unknown and must be logically deducted during the solution. Here is an outstanding example:

Wakashima, Tadashi
The Problemist, 1995
1st Prize

ser-s#19a4, b2, d2, g2, g1, h1: Variables 2 + 4

Series selfmate in 16, with 6 variables: a real challenge for the solver !

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  1. John G. White was NOT Alain White's father, not even a relative, AFAIK.

  2. Mistake checked and corrected, thanks !