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August 6th

David Thurston Brock (06-08-1839 - 1918) American composer

David Brock composed direct mates.

Brock, David Thurston
The Literary Digest, 1903
2nd Prize

#2 vv 10 + 8

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Johan J. van den Ende (06-08-1902 - 09-07-2002) Dutch composer

J.J.van den Ende

Johan van den Ende was an endgame studies composer. He composed about 350 and published 100. In 1982 was published the compilation of his studies "Geschift werk: een selectie uit door J.J. van den Ende samengestelde schaakstudies.".
He composed combinatory studies.

Van Den Ende, Johan J.
Geschift Werk, 1981 (37)

= 5 + 6

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Wouter Jakob Gregorius Mees (06-08-1921 - 25-01-2018) Dutch composer

Wouter Mees, Rotterdam 1991

Wouter Mees has been an International Judge since 1959. He composes problems and studies.
In BESN Special Number 7 you can read the article "Strip Cartoon" by Wouter Mees, originally published in Dutch in the December 1995 issue of the Dutch study magazine EBUR.

Mees, Wouter Jakob Gregorius
Schakend Nederland, 1962
1st Prize

#2 11 + 10

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Mees, Wouter Jakob Gregorius
De Schaakwereld, 1940

\+b) wPa3->a2 4 + 1

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Marcel Doré (Dorembus) (06-08-1932) French composer

Marcel Doré

Marcel Doré is the pseudonym of Marcel Dorembus. He started composing in the 1950s with direct mates and helpmates but soon expressed a predilection for chess studies. He has composed about 60 problems and 50 endgame studies.
He is celebrating today his 80th birthday, on which occasion a composing tourney was organized (annnouncement here: director Jean-Marc Ricci; judge Alain Pallier) in two sections.

Here is one of his early successes:

Doré, Marcel
Sao Paolo Chess Club, 1955
3rd Prize

\+ 3 + 2

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Сергій Іванович Ткаченко (06-08-1962) Ukrainian composer and FIDE Master (Sergyi Ivanovich Tkachenko)

Sergyi Ivanovich Tkachenko is the homonym of Sergyi Mikolayovich Tkachenko.
He composes mostly twomovers and threemovers, but also studies or helpmates.

Ткаченко, Сергій Іванович
Rossi-80 JT Best Problems, 2005
3rd Commendation

+ 5 + 5

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Ткаченко, Сергій Іванович
Die Schwalbe, 1997
3rd Prize

#3 11 + 11

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Thomas Maeder (06-08-1967) Swiss composer and FIDE Master

Thomas Maeder
Thomas Maeder is a complete composer (direct mates, helpmates, fairy problems). He is also an IT specialist involved in Popeye development and in the project and website "Composers Names In VariousAlphabets" whose data were used by YACPDB and by ourselves.

Thomas Maeder is also an excellent solver (IM) and an International Judge (helpmates and fairies), the Swiss delegate to the WFCC and a regular participant in solving competitions and composition congresses (WCCC, Andernach, Messigny, etc). He is the co-editor of the Swiss chess composition magazine "idee&form".

Maeder, Thomas
The Problemist, 1988
1st-2nd Prize

#2 vvv  11 + 13

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Maeder, Thomas
diagrammes, 1992
1st Prize

h#2b) wSe4->bSe4
7 + 6

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Miroslav Brada (06-08-1975) Slovak composer

Miroslav Brada
[his blog]

Miroslav Brada composes direct mate problems, often with fairy conditions.
He invented some new fairy conditions: MAFF (mate on a free field) and OWU (mate with just one white unit). See details on Juraj Lörinc's site.

Brada, Miroslav
The Problemist, 1997
2nd Prize

#2 v 7 + 6

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Johannes Jacob Rietveld (06-08-1893 - 15-08-1968) Dutch composer and International Master

Johannes Rietveld composed direct mate problems, especially threemovers. He received the title of IM in composition in 2016.
He was also a painter.

Rietveld, Johannes Jacob
Skakbladet 1946
1st Prize

#3 8 + 12

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