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August 29th

Павел Павлович Бобров (29-08-1862 - 23-12-1911) Russian composer (Pavel Pavlovich Bobrov)

Pavel Bobrov

If you can read Russian, you will discover details about Pavel Bobrov on Wikipedia.

While this threemover deserves a look because of its presentation of two en-passant captures (maybe the first achievement of this task in a threemover) this endgame study has been selected:

Бобров, Павел Павлович
Шахматное обозрение 1904

+  6 + 6

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Steffen Kamstra (29-08-1863 - 1930) Dutch composer

Steffen Kamstra was well-known at the beginning of the 20th century.

Kamstra, Steffen
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1926
1st Prize

#3  11 + 6

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Jens Otto [Oluf] Pedersen (29-08-1880 - 15-04-1968) Danish composer

Jens Pedersen composed such elegant problems as this aristocratic selfmate:

Pedersen, Jens Otto
Problemnoter, 1956 (547)
4th HM

s#2  8 + 8

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Johan Rudolf Jessurun Lobo (29-08-1893 - 16-12-1978) Dutch composer

This s#5 is unfortunately cooked but this helpmate in 2 with Nightriders was good and here is another good fairy helpmate:

Jessurun Lobo, Johan Rudolf
Probleemblad, 1958 (v)

h#4a2: Grasshopper
b) wGa2->a1
c) wGa2->c1
8 + 6

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