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August 12th

János Bartsch (12-08-1858 - 28-11-1905) Hungarian-Romanian composer

János Bartsch was a direct mate composer who sometimes used the pseudonym Silex.

Bartsch, János
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1901
1st Prize

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Moritz Lewitt (12-08-1863 - 01-04-1936) German composer

Moritz Lewitt was a Berlin chess player and composed mostly endgame studies.
You can have a look at this didactic study or at the study selected on Lewitt's page on Wikipedia.

Lewitt, Moritz
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1930 (4850)

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Christian Georg Christensen (12-08-1869 - 04-06-1942) Danish composer

Christian Christensen composed direct mates.

Christensen, Christian Georg
Tidskrift för Schack, 1914
1st Prize

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Юрий Владимирович Калугин (12-08-1940 - 03-08-2015) Russian composer (Yuri Vladimirovich Kalugin)

Yuri Kalugin composes miniature direct movers.

Калугин, Юрий Владимирович
Смена (Москва) Apr 1994 (36)

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Henryk Grudziński (12-08-1944) Polish composer

Henryk Grudziński composes direct mates, helpmates, selfmates, endgame studies and more recently started composing fairy proof games.

Grudziński, Henryk
Mat Plus, 2009 (36/1501)

PG 7.5Take&MakeChess
11 + 14

Take & Make: When a piece captures, it must make a new move moving like the captured piece.
Other details:
Legality is checked only at the end of the move. Pawns move differently according to the color (white upwards, black downwards). Promotion is done when a pawn ends its move on the eigth rank. If it's not possible to make the second part of the move, then the move is illegal. King capture is orthodox (i.e. there's no need to make the second part of the move).

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