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August 3rd

Henry Augustus Loveday (03-08-1815 - 09-01-1848) British-Indian composer

Henry Loveday is famous for having composed and sent to Howard Stauton, the then director of the "Chess Player's Chronicle", the famous Indian problem below:

Loveday, Henry Augustus
The Chess Player's Chronicle, Feb 1845

#4 8 + 5

The problem was cooked and the most current version is the following:

Loveday, Henry Augustus
The Chess Player's Chronicle (v) 1845

#3 8 + 5

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Loveday understood the importance of his idea and published another extraordinary work in 1846.

Loveday, Henry Augustus
The Chess Player's Chronicle, 1846

#3 6 + 3

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Petrus Adrianus van der Kraan (03-08-1905 - 1987) Dutch composer

Petrus van der Kraan was a twomover and helpmate composer who was interested in tempo play: see for instance this h#3 or this h#2 or this witty helpstalemate.

Van Der Kraan, Petrus Adrianus
Tijdschrift vd KNSB, 1947
1st Prize

#2 11 + 12

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Stefan Parzuch (03-08-1937) Polish composer

Stefan Parzuch composed twomovers but lately he has been devoting himself to helpmates. One of his best works is the h#4 awarded 2nd Prize by Piotr Murdzia in 2000, but it is rather difficult to solve. An easier prey:

Parzuch, Stefan
Grudzinski-Memorial, 2004
3rd Prize

h# 5 + 10

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Vito Rallo (03-08-1939) Italian composer

Vito Rallo

Vito Rallo composes direct mates, helpmates and fairy problems.

Rallo, Vito
Telescacco 2000, Jan 2007

h#22 solutions 5 + 7

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Rallo, Vito
StrateGems, 2008
4th HM

h#42 solutions
3 + 3

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Valerio Agostini (03-08-1954) Italian composer

The Italian Problemists' team:
Front row: Valerio Agostini, Vito Rallo, Mario Parrinello, Marco Guida, Francesco Simoni, Roberto Cassano (socio di Frascati Scacchi), Rodolfo Riva & Marco Crucioli;
Back row: Alessandro Cuppini, Andrea Bracci, Fabio Magini, Marco Bonavoglia, Francesco Tinebra & Daniele Giacobbe

Valerio Agostini composes direct mates, mostly threemovers.

Agostini, Valerio
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1988
2nd Place

#3 10 + 11

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Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (03-08-1960) Brazilian composer and FIDE Master

Ricardo de Mattos Vieira

Let's quote his portrait on
He was introduced to chess problems in 1972 by his friend Mario Figueiredo. Mario’s father, José Figueiredo, and Felix Sonnenfeld were his mentors, and led him to the helpmate field. After the death of José Figueiredo, in 1978, Ricardo insisted with Sonnenfeld to resume the activities of the UBP (the Brazilian Union of Problemists). Besides being responsible for the publication of the Boletim da UBP for many years, he took part in the Directory of UBP until 2006. For the last 10 years, he has been receiving technical advices from his friend Almiro Zarur and recently in genres other than helpmates. He has 8.33 FIDE Albums points.

One of the best problems composed by Ricardo and Mario Figueiredo is the following:

Figueiredo, Mário & De Mattos Vieira, Ricardo
Die Schwalbe, 1986 (97/5288)
1st Prize

h#3b) bSf1->c2 5 + 14

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One of his earliest successes was the h#2 below and was an interesting precursor of this h#2.

De Mattos Vieira, Ricardo
Saxa-Brazil, 1988 (v)
3rd Prize

h#22 solutions 7 + 13

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Daniele Giacobbe (03-08-1967) Italian composer

(See photo of the Italian team above)

Daniele Giacobbe composes twomovers.

Giacobbe, Daniele
Torre & Cavallo - Scacco!
Mar 2001
2nd Prize

#2* 8 + 10

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