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August 31st

William Bone (31-08-1810 - 14-12-1874) British composer

William Bone composed direct mates and selfmates.
He wrote "One Hundred Original Positions" and was a friend of George Walker's (see Szén, July 9th)

Bone, William
Le Palamède, 1838

s#12 4 + 2

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Bone, William

+ 7 + 9

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Sándor Boros (31-08-1907 - 1944) Hungarian composer

Sándor Boros

Sándor Boros was a chess player and a specialist of twomovers
He wrote "100 válogatott feladványa" in 1937 and in 1939 he compiled with László Lindner an anthology of Hungarian problems.
His favourite mechanism was pins. The Boros theme requires that the mating move be a pinning move as well.

Boros, Sándor
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1933
1st Prize

#2 10 + 10

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Марк Савельевич Либуркин (31-08-1910 - 05-03-1953) Russian composer (Mark Savelyevich Liburkin)

Mark Liburkin

Mark Liburkin was an endgame study composer. Some of his studies are shown by JMRW on his website.
In BESN Special Number 22, the article by Alain Pallier "Refusal to capture in pawn studies" features a famous study by Liburkin on page 3.

A simple one to start with:

Либуркин, Марк Савельевич
«64» 1935
2nd-3rd Prize

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Либуркин, Марк Савельевич
«64» 1930
1st Prize

+ 4 + 5

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Vincent Lanius Eaton (31-08-1915 - 16-03-1962) American composer

Vincent Eaton

Vincent Eaton was a child prodigy who graduated from Harvard at the age of 18. From 1939 to 1941 he was the problem editor of "Chess Review". He published more than 1000 problems, mostly direct mates in three. He was an International Judge.
In his Chess Notes, Edward Winter reminds Vincent Eaton with the second problem quoted by G.F.Anderson in "A Memorial Volume of Chess Problems of V.L. Eaton", which Vincent Eaton composed when he was 14.

You may have a look at this easy but attractive Meredith or at this threemover:

Eaton, Vincent Lanius
Skakbladet, 1937
2nd Prize

#3 9 + 6

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Ulrich Otto Ferdinand Auhagen (31-08-1934 - 24-04-2024) German composer

Ulrich Auhagen

Ulrich Auhagen was a chess composer and also a bridge composer and writer. He composed mostly moremovers but also selfmates, helpmates, twomovers and a few fairy problems.
His obituary was published in the June 2024 "Bridge Magazin" page 47.

Auhagen, Ulrich Otto Ferdinand
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1981 (4315)
2nd Prize

#4 5 + 6

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Борис Николаевич Сидоров (31-08-1937 - 06-08-2008) Russian composer (Boris Nikolayevich Sidorov)

Boris Sidorov, 1986
[Valery Surkov]

Boris Sidorov was an endgame study composer too. He composed many of them in collaboration with other composers, including with Oleg Pervakov.

Сидоров, Борис Николаевич
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) Nov 1985 (21/-)
2nd Prize, tt

+ 5 + 14

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Марк Борисович Басистый (31-08-1957 - 21-03-2021) Ukrainian composer and FIDE Master (Mark Borisovich Basisty)

Mark Basisty
Mark Basisty composed mostly twomovers and threemovers but also sometimes retro problems.

Басістий, Марк Борисович
Volgograd-400 JT, 1989
1st Prize

#3 12 + 10

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  1. Ulrich Auhagen also composed in other genres: a lot of selfmates (e.g. PDB P1015136), some #2-3 miniatures and a few helpmates (e.g. P0500491). He also touched the stalemate (P0575607, incorrect), the maximummer condition (e.g. P1110454) and the nightrider (P1008227).