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July 7th

Knud Fabricius-Lauritzen (07-07-1890 - 06-10-1932) Danish composer

Knud Fabricius-Lauritzen composed direct mates.

Fabricius-Lauritzen, Knud
Skakbladet, 1931
1st Prize

#3 9 + 4

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Глеб Николаевич Заходякин (07-07-1912 - 06-03-1982) Russian composer (Gleb Nikolayevich Zakhodyakin)

Gleb Zakhodyakin

Gleb Zakhodyakin loved miniatures and composed direct mates of any length and endgame studies as well as helpmates. More problems of his can be seen on PDB server.
As for his studies, once more John D. Beasley offers a nice overview and commented studies in his BESN special number 30 "Some studies by Gleb Zakhodyakin". As John puts it: "his ability to conjure startling play from apparently innocent starting positions has rarely been equalled". More studies on jmrw's website.

Заходякин, Глеб Николаевич
Шахматный листок 1931
3rd Prize

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Заходякин, Глеб Николаевич
Шахматы в СССР 1981

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Cornelis Goldschmeding (07-07-1927 - 05-02-1995) Dutch composer and Grandmaster

Cornelis Goldschmeding was an orthodox problem composer and became International Judge in 1958. He composed mostly twomovers, but was nonetheless successful in helpmates or fairy problems. He edited the problems section of "Schackend Nederland" during 20 years. In 1976 the 10th volume of the series "Probleemcomponisten" was dedicated to his work ("Drs. C. Goldschmeding", by Eeltje Visserman).

Goldschmeding, Cornelis
Die Schwalbe, 1949
1st Prize

#2 9 + 10

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Микола Мойсейович Великий (07-07-1936) Ukrainian composer (Mykola Moiseyovich Veliky)

Mykola Veliky
[Grigory Popov]

Mykola Veliky composed during the period 1952-57 and after a 40 years break due to professional activity resumed composition. More details about him can be found on Grigory Popov's website.

Великий, Микола Мойсейович
ЮК В.Руденко-60, Киевские новости 1998
1st Prize, 1998-1999

#2 vvv 9 + 14

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Yehuda Lubton (07-07-1937 - 2013) Israeli composer

[Yehuda Lubton -
Variantim 64]

Yehuda Lubton composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.

Lubton, Yehuda
The Problemist, 1984
2nd Prize

h#42 solutions 3 + 6

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Дмитрий Евгеньевич Туревский (07-07-1979) Russian composer and International Master (Dmitri Yevgenyevich Turevski)

Dmitri Turevski

Dmitri Turevski is a direct mate and fairy composer. He seems to especially enjoy miniatures.
He also developed the YACPDB (Yet Another Chess Problem DataBase) and we are especially indebted to him for his html diagram codes.

Updates are announced on the YACPDB Live Journal : the latest update allows basic search queries from the PDB server. The second latest update introduced software Olive which allows solving by Popeye, opening files CCV and PBM, etc. Dmitri defines it as "a free open source cross-platform graphical front-end for Popeye chess software and more."
It can be downloaded from here.

Туревский, Дмитрий Евгеньевич
ChessStar, Mar 2009 (4)
2nd Prize

#2 6 + 1

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Туревский, Дмитрий Евгеньевич
ЮК В.Шумарин - 70, 2011
1st Prize

#2* vv 6 + 1

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  1. Микола Мойсейович Великий (07-12-1930 - 07-07-1936)

    I think that there is some mistake in the date, isn't it?

  2. Obviously there is. Correct is Микола Мойсейович Великий (07-07-1936)
    Thank you !