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Robert Rupp (04-07-1901 - 28-03-1972) German composer

Robert Rupp composed about 400 orthodox problems and edited the Problems section of the magazine "Caissa" between 1948-1956.
The Rupp theme is a twomover theme; it requests that the key pins two units, a white one and a black one. In his defense, Black unpins both units and parries the threat. The 24th "Die Schwalbe" thematic tourney requested this theme in 1934.

Rupp, Robert
problem (Zagreb) 1951
4th Prize

#3 7 + 10

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Rupp, Robert
Die Schwalbe, May 1955

#3  5 + 6

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Guglielmo Mai (04-07-1906 - 27-07-1980) Italian composer

Guglielmo and his brother Luigi (1903-1970) composed together about 500 problems. They were Torinesi chess players and composers. Guglielmo was a music teacher.

The Mai themes are twomover themes:

Mai 1: The key unpins a black piece and pins a white piece. In the thematical variation, the black piece is pinned again and the white piece is unpinned and mates.
It is illustrated by the first twomover below.

Mai 2: In a try, White threatens two mates A and B. On the thematical black defense, there are two mates C and D.
The key threatens two mates C and D and the thematical defense leads to mates A and B.
A tourney was organized by the Italian magazine "Il Due Mosse" in 1960 on that theme.

Mai, Guglielmo & Mai, Luigi
Die Schwalbe, 1928

#2  12 + 9

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Some training for the twomover solver:

Mai, Guglielmo & Mai, Luigi
Associazione Scacchistica Ital, 1928
1st Prize

#2  11 + 2

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Friedrich Theodor Steudel (04-07-1928 - 10-11-2009) German composer and FIDE Master

Theodor Steudel composed more than 2000 problems in all genres (2745 registered on PDB server) and wrote more than 100 articles about chess composition. He was an International Judge and also published a book about promotions, "Die Allumwandlung im Problemschach" (1966), together with Werner Speckmann.
In feenschach 178 Hans Gruber wrote an obituary and Theodor Steudel's article "Gemischtfarbige Allumwandlungen im Circe-Hilfspatt mit weißer und schwarzer Zugrücknahme" (Mixed-coloured Allumwandlungs in Circe helpstalemate with white and black retro moves) was also reproduced.
He published many Allumwandlungs, such as this =3, this h=2 or this sh#9. Theodor Steudel also published problems under the pseudonym Leo d'Husette (or, in "Problemkiste", "Count of Whitefield" - thank you Manfred!)

This helpmate does not show an Allumwandlung:

Steudel, Friedrich Theodor
Šahovski glasnik, 1962

h#4  5 + 11

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Steudel, Friedrich Theodor
II. FIDE T. 1959
2nd Prize

12 + 5

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José Casimiro Vinagre (04-07-1923) Portuguese composer and Honorary Master

José Vinagre in the 1950s
[Source: Casa do Xadrez]

José Vinagre is a chessplayer and a directmate and helpmate composer.
He is the father of chess composer Pedro Vinagre.
More information about him can be found in Portuguese on Casa do Xadrez.

Vinagre, José Casimiro
Match Spain - Portugal 1947
4th-5th Place, Portugal theme

#2  10 + 7

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  1. Dear Eric,

    another well known pseudonym of Theodor Steudel he often used in Problemkiste was "Count of Whitefield".

    Best, Manfred