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July 11th

Santi Pirrone (11-07-1920 - 12-06-2006) Italian composer

Santi Pirrone was just a solver when he was encouraged to compose by his friend composer Umberto Castellari.

Pirrone, Santi
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1966
1st Prize

#2 vvv 10 + 5

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Юрий Георгиевич Фокин (11-07-1925 - 16-02-2018) Russian composer (Yuri Georgevich Fokin)

Yuri Fokin

Yuri Fokin has been composing since 1946. He is an International Judge and composes in all genres.

Фокин, Юрий Георгиевич
Buletin Problemistic, 1978

#2* vv 6 + 11

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Wichard von Alvensleben (11-07-1937 - 02-05-2016) German composer

Wichard von Alvensleben
[Schachclub Bad Salzdetfurth ]

Wichard von Alvensleben was a direct mate and helpmate composer and also a Go player (four times European champion in the 1960s).

Von Alvensleben, Wichard
Die Welt, 1994

h# 5 + 9

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Neculai Chivu (11-07-1938 - 28-07-2023) Romanian composer

Neculai Chivu is specialized in selfmates and was a long time solver of the French magazine "Phenix". He also collaborated during a long time with the Romanian magazine "Buletin Problemistic".

Chivu, Neculai
Buletin Problemistic, 2001

s#6 3 + 4

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Reto List (11-07-1960) Swiss composer

Reto List composes direct mates and helpmates.

List, Reto
idee & form
2nd Prize, 1990-91

h#24 solutions 7 + 8

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Torsten Linß (11-07-1967) German composer and International Master

Torsten Linß

Torsten Linß was the founder and editor of the German magazine "Harmonie" which was taken over by Frank Richter in 1996.
He has lately had many successes in (very) long selfmates. He himself said [broken link] that he has "mainly focused on direct twomovers with complex modern themes and white line combinations and logical moremovers."

Since Torsten is a very organized person, two years ago you could find on his website the list of his problem publications, the list of his problems published in the FIDE Album, the list of all his problems awarded prizes and all all his 966 published problems. But the website unfortunately no longer exists.

In 2015 Torsten also achieved the number of FIDE Album points needed to obtain the title of Grandmaster.

Linß, Torsten
МК В.Брон-100, 2009
Special Prize

s#14 4 + 2

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