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July 18th

Johannes Kohtz (18-07-1843 - 05-10-1918) German composer

Johannes Kohtz met Carl Kockelkorn when they were still pupils and they engaged in chess composition. They published their first problem when they both were 17. Kohtz and Kockelkorn published their book "Das Indische Problem" in 1903 and "Zur Kenntnis des Schachproblems", a compilation of Bayersdorfer's problems, in 1902.
Even after the death of his close friend Kockelkorn on July 16, 1914, Kohtz still published his problems under both authors names. (source: Wikipedia).

He created the famous Roman theme with Carl Kockelkorn.
"A good defence to a threat is eliminated (usually by means of a foreplan) and a bad defence by the same unit (not previously available) is introduced."

Kohtz, Johannes & Kockelkorn, Carl
British Ty. 1866
2nd Prize, Set

#3 10 + 6

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Franz Ferdinand Ludwig Palatz (18-07-1896 - 1945) German composer

Franz Palatz

Franz Palatz was one of the greatest theoreticians of the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote "Antiform" in 1929 with Mongredien and in 1935 he published "Miniatures stratégiques" comprising 200 miniatures. Among his articles we may quote "Antiturton, Zepler und die Antiform" (Deutsches Wochenschach, 1923) or "Klassifizierung der Zugwechselaufgaben" (DW 1925) He also impulsed the growth of the helpmate genre by many articles.

Palatz, Franz Ferdinand Ludwig
Die Schwalbe, 1930
1st Prize

#5 9 + 11

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František Josef Prokop (18-07-1901 - 21-09-1973) Czech composer

František Prokop

František Josef Prokop was a chess player and composer. He sometimes used the pseudonyms A. Sedláček and Pražský and composed endgame studies, but also selfmates. He was an International Judge. He wrote "212 Endspielstudien" (212 Endgame Studies, 1943) and "Kouzlo-šachového-diagramu - Zauber-des-Schachdiagramms" (1968), a collection of studies and selfmates).
For more details about this composer, the best source and bibliography can be found in the article "František Josef Prokop 18vii1901 - 21ix1973" by Alain Pallier (EG 197 pp.190-196; EG 198 pp.276-283).

Prokop, František Josef
Revista de Şah, 1929
1st Prize

+ 6 + 7

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Prokop, František Josef
Problemnoter, 1956
1st Prize

s#5 6 + 3

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János Mikitovics (18-07-1949) Hungarian composer and FIDE Master

Mikitovics János

János Mikitovics composes in all genres: endgame studies, helpmates, direct mates, fairies. You can find many of his studies on jmrw's website.
János Mikitovics is also the author of the website where he presents all major Hungarian problemists, with selected problems, photo and text (in Hungarian).

Mikitovics, János
Československý šach, 1981
1st Prize

#3 13 + 5

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Laurent Riguet (18-07-1969) French composer

Laurent Riguet, 2005

Laurent Riguet composes (too seldom) helpmates and fairy problems. He is also a solver. He has been a collaborator of French magazine "Phenix" since 1995 and organized the French problemists' meeting of Messigny during many years.

Riguet, Laurent
Phenix, 1995
Dedicated to Michel Caillaud

3 + 3

In Haaner Chess, a square leaved by a piece cannot be occupied any more, neither crossed.

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Marko Ylijoki (18-07-1975) Finnish composer and FIDE Master

Marko Ylijoki is a helpmate and fairy composer. He also collaborates with the Finnish magazine "Suomen Tehtäväniekat".
Some of his most striking achievements in helpmates are his h#2.5 1st Prize in Quartz 2001-2002 or his h#6 Prize Pat a Mat 2002.

Ylijoki, Marko
The Problemist, 2002 (H2562)
1st Prize

h#6.5 2 + 10

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Ylijoki, Marko
The Problemist, 2003 (H2642)
5th Prize

h#6.5 2 + 10

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