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July 26th

Benjamin S. Wash (26-07-1853 - 1906) American composer

Benjamin S. Wash composed direct mates. According to die Schwalbe, April 2006 A.C. White wrote in 1942 that Benjamin Wash had composed more than 1,000 problems. However White had lost the volume where these problems were recorded and only a small amount of those could be reconstructed. The remaining problems are good enough to make one wonder about the scope of Wash's works.

Wash, Benjamin S.
The Nashville Daily American, 1887

#2 7 + 6

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Otto Trinks (26-07-1901 - 28-10-1945) Austrian composer

Otto Trinks composed moremovers. He was, with J. Halumbirek, he was one of the pioneers of the modern strategic school. His few problems were of high quality.

Trinks, Otto
Chemnitzer Tageblatt, 1926
1st Prize

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Miomir Nedeljković (26-07-1932 - 03-03-2003) Serbian composer

Miomir Nedeljković & Joza Tucakov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Miomir Nedeljković composed in all genres.

Nedeljković, Miomir
die Schwalbe, 1999
3rd Prize

s#2 vv 11 + 11

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Harry Goldsteen (26-07-1939 - 05-06-2021) Dutch composer

Harry Goldsteen (left) and Tim Krabbé
Tim Krabbé]

Harry Goldsteen composed retro problems of renowned depth. In 2000 Tim Krabbé wrote about Harry Goldsteen, in his usual pleasant style, on Chess Cafe and you may read this article here.
Thomas Brand wrote this blog post as an obituary.
He composed this monster in collaboration with Guus Rol but here is a less difficult problem (be warned though, it is a tough retro):

Goldsteen, Harry
diagrammes, 1989
Super Prize
After A. Frolkin

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Gerd Prahl (26-07-1942) German composer

Gerd Prahl composes direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.

Prahl, Gerd
Die Schwalbe, 1977 (2290)

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