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Sámuel Gold (02-07-1835 - 09-11-1920) Hungarian-American composer

Samuel Gold

Sámuel Gold was a physician, journalist and composed direct mates. He was the first and only chess teacher to Carl Schlechter in Vienna. "Schachaufgaben von Dr. S. Gold" (1883) is considered as the first Hungarian chess composition book and includes 200 of his problems and can be read online here.

An easy starter:

Gold, Sámuel
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1896

#2 3 + 4

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Something more logical:

Gold, Sámuel
200 Schachaufgaben, 1883

#4 7 + 5

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Howard Lawton (02-07-1881 - 03-01-1966) British composer

Howard Lawton, 1914
[source: Alain C.White, Cleveland Public Digital Library]

Howard Lawton's first problems were published in the 1900s and he composed until the 1960s, a problemist's career spanning over a considerable period of time. He composed more than 1700 problems and published them mostly in British magazines.

Lawton, Howard
Yorkshire Telegraph and Star, 1937

#3 8 + 4

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Lawton, Howard
British Chess Federation 56th Tourney

#3 6 + 8

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Леопольд Адамович Митрофанов (02-07-1932 - 26-11-1992) Russian composer and International Master (Leopold Adamovich Mitrofanov)

Leopold Mitrofanov, 1992
[source: John Roycroft, through Tim Krabbé]

Leopold Mitrofanov was an endgame study composer and International Judge.
He is best known for the 'Rustaveli study', an amazing work of art whose story was told by Tim Krabbé : its corrected version can be seen, with all details, on the Wikipedia webpage. No need to repeat here what others said earlier about this remarkable study which some called 'the study of the millenium'.
Let's consider two other studies by the same composer:

Митрофанов, Леопольд Адамович
Nadareishvili MT, 1992
4th-5th Prize

= 4 + 4

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Митрофанов, Леопольд Адамович
Путь к коммунизму 1977
1st Prize

= 2 + 3

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Сономун Чимэдцэрен (02-07-1932 - 23-10-2009) Mongolian composer and Honorary Master (Sonomun Chimedtseren)

Sonomun Chimedtseren

Sonomun Chimedtseren's obituary by Lhundevin Togookhuu can be read in "Shakhmatnaya Poeziya" no.47. He composed - and his compositions were awarded - in all orthodox genres (direct mates, studies, helpmates or selfmates).
He wrote “Shatryn uran saikhny khaiguuld” (1997) about Mongolian chess composition.

Чимэдцэрен, Сономун
The Problemist, 1989

h#2 6 + 6

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It would have been appropriate to quote this #12 awarded 1st prize at the Kubbel Memorial Tourney 1967, but unfortunately it seems to have been cooked in 10.
Let's content ourselves with this threemover:

Чимэдцэрен, Сономун
V.Rychkov - P.Stepanov MT, Uralsky Problemist
, 1997
1st-2nd Prize

#3  9 + 11

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