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July 14th

Сергей Иванович Пименов (14-07-1907 - 1981) Russian composer (Sergey Ivanovich Pimenov)

Sergey Pimenov
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Sergey Pimenov was a twomover composer.

Пименов, Сергей Иванович & Пименов, Виталий Иванович
Труд (Москва) 1935
3rd Prize

#2 11 + 9

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Frederik Hendrik von Meijenfeldt (14-07-1922 - 02-05-2002) Dutch composer

Frederik Hendrik von Meyenfeldt [Meijenfeldt] composed direct mates but mostly fairy problems. He was the inventor of the fairy condition "Patrol chess".
Patrol Chess definition (from :
In order to capture or give check, a piece (including kings) must be `observed' by another piece of the same player.
Observing means that the piece can move to the square - for pawns, the diagonal capture movement is used; i.e., it is the usual guarding of pieces as in use of common chess.
On Juraj Lörinc's website you can find many examples of Patrol Chess problems.

Von Meijenfeldt, Frederik Hendrik
Probleemblad, 1971 (v)
3rd Prize

semi-r#2 14 + 10

Semi-Reflex : "Self" stipulation with the obligation for Black to reach the aim if he can.

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Franjo Vrabec (14-07-1953) Bosnian-Swedish composer

Franjo Vrabec
[Source: StrateGems]

Franjo Vrabec composes studies and is the endgame studies editor of StrateGems.

Vrabec, Franjo
StrateGems, 2008
1st Prize

+ 5 + 5

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Francesco Simoni (14-07-1960) Italian composer and International Master

Francesco Simoni and Mario Parrinello, 2001

Francesco Simoni composes direct mates and helpmates. He has been International Judge since 1992.
Francesco is also the author (together with Gabriele Brunori) of Scacchi Painter, the chess database, printing and solving program.

Simoni, Francesco
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1996
3rd Prize

h#2 6 + 9

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Simoni, Francesco
Whisky Tourney, 2006
1st Prize

h#2b) bSc3->c6
5 + 6

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Nicolas Dupont (14-07-1962) French composer and International Master

Nicolas Dupont
[Facebook profile]

Nicolas Dupont mainly composes proof games and fairy problems. He is especially active in series tourney and on French forum France-Echecs.
He recently had some notable successes, such as the 3rd Prize in the Olympic tourney of Khanty-Mansiysk or the 1st Prize in the 7th TT Quartz 2010 (Take&Make). He obtained the FM title in 2013.

The Dupont theme is a combination of 3 promotions to same unit : 1 Schnoebelen +1 "standard" Ceriani-Frolkin + 1 Pronkin. The first achievement of this theme with the Queen as thematic piece was Nicolas Dupont's first prize in the Christmas tourney organized on France-Echecs in 2009 (award in January 2010), which can be seen on PDB.

Here is another excellent proof game by Nicolas:

Dupont, Nicolas
Quartz, 2004
3rd Prize

PG 24.5  13 + 14

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