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Karel Rodkovský (30-07-1879 - 15-03-1960) Czech composer

Karel Rodkovský started composing Bohemian direct mates after retirement and published his first work in 1953 in "Lidové demokracii", whose problem column was then edited by Emil Palkoska.
Some of his games played in the Blansko tourney 1902 and in Prague 1900, as well as a few problems of his, can be found on

Rodkovský, Karel
Lidová demokracie, 1953 (83)

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Oskar Georg Lauritzen (30-07-1899 - 30-11-1973) Danish composer

Oskar Lauritzen composed direct mates.

Lauritzen, Oskar Georg
Skakbladet, 1929
1st Prize

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Надія Олександрівна Леонтьєва (30-07-1928) Ukrainian composer (Nadia Aleksandrivna Leontyeva)

Nadia Leontyeva composed 220 direct mate problems, especially threemovers, from 1964 until the early 1990s.

Леонтьєва, Надія Олександрівна
Шахматы в СССР 1969
2nd Prize

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Stanislav Kəbir uğlı Ğaliəkbərev / Станислав Кабирович Галиакберов (30-07-1931 - 22-05-2016) Russian composer (Stanislav Kabirovich Galiakberov)

Stanislav Galiakberov
Stanislav Galiakberov is a Russian chess player, trainer and chess composer, the patriarch of the chess school of the Republic of Tatarstan. He became interested in chess composition in 1977 and composes direct mates and selfmates.

Галиакберов, Станислав Кабирович
Volga-Volga, 2003
11th-12th Place

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Odette Vollenweider (30-07-1933 - 26-02-2021) Swiss composer and Honorary Master

Odette Vollenweider, Wageningen 2011

Odette Vollenweider was famous for publishing her Israel Schiffmann anthology "Faszinierendes Schachproblem" (1964) under the pseudonym of Gabriel Baumgartner. She also wrote "Kostbarkeiten der Problemkunst" about Hans Johner (1966) and "125 NZZ-Probleme aus 25 Ländern" about problems published in the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (1982). She edited the chess problems section of the NZZ during 34 years and was a frequent presence at the congress of problemists.

Vollenweider, Odette
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1962
4th Prize

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Tadeusz Lehmann (30-07-1957) Polish composer

Tadeusz Lehmann is a direct mate and helpmate composer.

Lehmann, Tadeusz
harmonie, 2002 (810)

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Gerhard Ernst Schoen (30-07-1958) German composer

Gerhard Schoen composes moremovers, helpmates and fairy problems and is an International Judge.

Schoen, Gerhard Ernst
Germany-Israel, 1980
3rd Place

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Miloš Tomašević (30-07-1928 - 23-01-2002) Serbian composer

Miloš Tomašević had a preference for series problems, especially length records (see below).
He was the director of the Liga Problemista TT and the main editor during the last 10 years of the Serbian magazine "MAT" (after Milan Velimirović).

Tomašević, Miloš
The Problemist, 1984

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