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July 20th

Maximilian Philipp Friedrich von Klett (20-07-1833 - 01-10-1910) German composer

Philip Klett was renowned for composing extremely hard to solve problems, often with hidden zugzwang and many variations. He composed direct mates.
In 1878 he published "P. Klett Schachprobleme. Mit einer Einführung in die Theorie des Schachproblems" including 112 problems. It can be downloaded and read from here. The book was reissued 100 years later by John D. Beasley as "A Selection of Chess Problems by Philip Klett, with a solving commentary" (British Chess Magazine, 1978).

Von Klett, Maximilian Philipp Friedrich
Schachprobleme, 1878

#4 12 + 7

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Von Klett, Maximilian Philipp Friedrich
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1875 (3989)

#4 9 + 12

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Godfrey Heathcote (20-07-1870 - 24-04-1952) British composer

Godfrey Heathcote
[Source: Chess Pie, 1922; scanned by M.McDowell]

Godfrey Heathcote composed about 500 direct mates problems with natural and economical positions. He may have been the best British problemist of the beginning of the 20th century. Many of his problems were compiled in A.C. White Christmas Series "Chess Idylls" (1918), which can be read and downloaded from here.
He was also the president of the British Chess Problem Society (BCPS) from 1951 until 1952.

Heathcote, Godfrey
American Chess Bulletin, 1911
1st Prize

#2* v 7 + 7

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Heathcote, Godfrey
Norwich Mercury, 1908
1st Prize

s#3 14 + 10

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Jacques Fulpius (20-07-1933 - 08-03-2007) Swiss composer

Jacques Fulpius was an amateur of tasks such as this one and a twomover composer, who also liked reflex mates.
His work on André Chéron's manuscript allowed the posthumous publication of "Le joueur d'échecs au pays des merveilles" (1982).

Fulpius, Jacques
The Problemist, 2005

r#2 10 + 12

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Бизъяагийн Буяннэмех (20-07-1946 - 01-11-2021) Mongolian composer (Bizyagin Buyannemekh)

Bizyagin Buyannemekh

Bizyagin Buyannemekh composed endgame studies and enjoyed rare mates and stalemates. More about him and more of his studies on the ARVES website.

Буяннэмех, Бизъяагийн
MT Platov-100, 1982
Special Prize

= 3 + 2

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Hans-Jürgen Schäfer (20-07-1963) German composer

Hans-Jürgen Schäfer composes helpmates and long selfmates.

Schäfer, Hans-Jürgen
Die Schwalbe, Oct 1998 (9960)

s#19 5 + 2

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Mihai Neghină (20-07-1982) Romanian composer

Mihai Neghină composes long problems or endgame studies.
His 'constrictor study' defeats chess engines and he generally enjoys composing studies that are challenging for chess engines (examples here).
Here is a simpler problem:

Neghină, Mihai
Mat Plus, 2009 (33/1233)

#11 10 + 6

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Friedrich Wolfenter (20-07-1933) German composer

Friedrich Wolfenter
[Sillenbuch Schachvereine]

Friedrich Wolfenter has composed until now about 150 direct mates.
You may see some of his problems commented by himself on his website.
He is the co-author, with Hilmar Ebert, of the book "Kegelschach" (1997). One Kegelschach problem in 6 moves he composed can be seen on PDB.

Wolfenter, Friedrich
Deutsche Schachblätter, 1972

#2 vvv  8 + 5

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Александр Иванович Ставриецкий (20-07-1959) Ukrainian-Russian composer and FIDE Master (Aleksandr Ivanovich Stavrietsky)

Aleksandr Stavrietsky

Aleksandr Stavrietsky has been composing since very young. He used to compose direct mates but has decided to compose only endgame studies.
He sometimes writes articles for the Russian magazine Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsya.
One of his recent successes is the 1st prize in the 2021 World Cup tourney (judge O.Pervakov, award with replayable solutions on the Arves website).
The reader can find some of his studies on the Arves website. The following study is not among them:

Ставриецкий, Александр Иванович
Special Prize, Olimpiev JT, Uralski Problemist 2001

=  4 + 7

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  1. Bizyagin Buyannemekh passed away on November 1st, 2021. You can find more details about his life on He loved studies with rare mates and stalemates. In the last few years he has worked with other study composers