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July 31st

Henry Hosey Davis (31-07-1855 - 07-05-1954) British composer

"Henry Hosey Davis, a British chess player, seated in an ornately carved chair"
[John G. White Collection, Cleveland Public Library]

Henry H. Davis wrote the compilation "Chess problems" in 1906. He composed direct mates and has a very long composing career.

Davis, Henry Hosey
Bristol Mercury, 1892
1st Prize

#2 10 + 8

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Salomon Rosenfeld (31-07-1881 - 1937) Romanian composer

Salomon Rosenfeld composed selfmates such as this s#7 but also problems with retro content: who mates in two moves in the following position?

Rosenfeld, Salomon
Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1923
dedicated to Wolfgang Pauly

#2 Who? 12 + 11

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Rauf Gadschiaga Ogl Aliovsadzade (31-07-1945) Azerbaijani-American composer

Rauf Aliovsadzade

Rauf Aliovsadzade is a world-class violinist, member of the Lincoln Symphony (Nebraska) and chess master. He moved to the US in 1997 and has become the threemover editor at "StrateGems". He composes direct mates, helpmates and sometimes retro problems.

Aliovsadzade, Rauf Gadschiaga Ogl
Olimpiya dünyası 2008
1st Prize

#3 13 + 11

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Rainer Staudte (31-07-1953) German composer

Rainer Staudte is a German computer scientist with research interests in computer chess and fuzzy logic. Rainer Staudte is a chess player, youth chess coach and composes direct mates, endgame studies, selfmates and helpmates.

Staudte, Rainer
EBUR, 2004
1st Honorable Mention, Averbach-80 jubilee

= 3 + 2

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Борислав Гађански (31-07-1953) Serbian composer and International Master (Borislav Gadjanski)

Borislav Gadjanski

Borislav Gadjanski is the president of the Serbian Society of Problemists and the captain of the Serbian composition team. He often takes part in chess composition congresses. He is a mathematician and has been a deputy in the National Assembly. He composes direct mates, helpmates or fairy problems.

Гађански, Борислав
Quick Composing Ty Antalya, 2008
1st Prize

7 + 9

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Timothy George Whitworth (31-07-1932 - 17-04-2019) British composer

Timothy Whitworth
Source: Arves

Timothy Whitworth was a chess endgame study composer and author. He was the Studies columnist for the British Chess Magazine from 1988 to 1995.
He is well known for his anthologies of the works of Leonid Kubbel, Hermanis Matisons, The Platov Brothers or Mike Bent, as well as Endgame Magic (with John D. Beasley).
For more details about him: an article by Brian Stephenson, a selection of studies on the ARVES site and an obituary by John D. Beasley.

Whitworth, Timothy George
EG, 1982

3 + 4

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