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July 22nd

Théodore Adrien Louis Herlin (22-07-1817 - 02-11-1889) French composer


Théodore Herlin published his first problem in 1845 and until 1860 all his originals were published under the name of "L'Anonyme de Lille". He was noticed and is still remembered for his strategic problems and especially for the Herlin ambush.

Herlin, Théodore Adrien Louis
Le Palamède, 15th Apr 1845 (39)

#4 5 + 2

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Another example:

Herlin, Théodore Adrien Louis
La Régence, 1849

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Something rather different:

Herlin, Théodore Adrien Louis
La Régence, 1860
2nd Prize

#5 10 + 7

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Charles Henry Wheeler (22-07-1846 - 15-10-1927) American composer

[Chess Archaeology]

Charles Henry Wheeler wrote the compilation "Two Move Chess Problems" in 1887. He composed direct mates, selfmates and other types of problems.

As mentioned by Edward Winter in his Chess Notes who quotes W.A. Shinkman, C.H.Wheeler was ‘exceedingly modest of his own powers’. Wheeler was the actual inventor of the shortest game without capture that ends with stalemate: 1 a4 c5 2 d4 d6 3 Qd2 e5 4 Qf4 e4 5 h3 Be7 6 Qh2 Bh4 7 Ra3 Be6 8 Rg3 Bb3 9 Nd2 Qa5 10 d5 e3 11 c4 f5 12 f3 f4, as published in "Sunny South" in 1887. The game was later appropriated by Sam Loyd, who added parodic comments and thus scooped all the credit for this game.

Here is another proof of his talent:

Wheeler, Charles Henry
Hackney Mercury, 1892
1st-2nd Prize

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Яков Георгиевич Владимиров (22-07-1935) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Yakov Georgevich Vladimirov)

Yakov Vladimirov, Rhodos 2007

Yakov Vladimirov is the editor of the magazine “Шахматная композиция” (Shakhmatnaya Kompozitsiya) and has collaborated during the years with several other magazines (Uralski Problemist, 64, etc). He has written many articles and books about chess composition, anthologies of studies composers, of chess problems.
He can compose in any genre, but he achieved the very best results in direct mates and selfmates.
He is also International Master for solving and International Judge.

You can find here an article in Russian by A.Selivanov as homage to Yakov Vladimirov for his 70th birthday.

The Vladimirov theme is a twomover letter theme:
1.A? 1...a!
1.B? 1...b!
1.X! 1...a,, b. 2.A, B#
And here is an example below:

Владимиров, Яков Георгиевич
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1977 (9/4)

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Владимиров, Яков Георгиевич
Бюллетень ЦШК СССР 1970 (/10)
1st Prize, 1970-1971

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Владимиров, Яков Георгиевич
Die Schwalbe, 1984 (4927)
3rd Prize

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Panos Louridas (22-07-1957) German composer

Panos Louridas is into chess mathematics and direct mates problems.
He has also invented a fairy variant called Bario chess, whose rules can be read here. 7 pieces initially exist in an undefined state, which creates an affinity between Bario and modern quantum physics. The game can be played by Game Courier.
You can browse Panos' website which features a description of Bario and some chess problems.

Louridas, Panos
Thema Danicum, 1997
3rd HM, 1996-1997

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Hans Bincer (22-07-1891 - 30-01-1944) Austrian composer

Hans Bincer composed mostly direct mates (threemovers and moremovers) but he also composed what was then considered as fairy problems, such as the second problem below.

Bincer, Hans
Prize, 4th quarter
Die Schwalbe, Oct 1928

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Bincer, Hans
Honourable Mention
Die Schwalbe, Oct 1928

hs#4 3 + 7

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Петро Андрійович Новицький (22-07-1952) Ukrainian composer and FIDE Master (Petro Andriyovich Novitsky)

Petro Novitsky

Petro Novitsky composes direct mates (mostly twomovers) and endgame studies.
He composed his first problem at the age of 30 together with his brother Oleksyi. A short presentation of his career can be found here.

Новицький, Петро Андрійович
4th Prize
МК А.Гуляев-Грин - 100, 2018

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  1. The sound of the name "Panos Louridas" is recognizable in Greek.

  2. His name certainly sounds Greek. On his country is "DEU". Do you have any information about him?

  3. For Louridas Panos there are 124 problems (2 with Ebert Hilmar, 1 with Hoffmann Martin W.) in WinChloe database (types [1 h#n], [3 h=n], [120 #n, only 8 threemovers, the rest from 4 to 12 moves]) published in various magazines (1984 - 2006).