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April 9th

Ефим Наумович Рухлис (09-04-1925 - 05-02-2006) Ukrainian-Uzbek-Israeli composer and FIDE Master(Efim Naumovich Rukhlis)

Efim Rukhlis

International Judge and twomover composer, Efim Rukhlis revolutionized the twomovers in the 1960s with his theme, that involves at least two transferred mates and on the same black defences two changed mates.
He composed more than 300 Ideal-Rukhlis twomovers, according to Milan Velimirović in his article "Ideal Ruchlis - A comprehensive overview" in Mat Plus Review, 9-10. Spring-Summer 2009.

Let's see an example from 1946:

Рухлис, Ефим Наумович
Свердловский конкурс 1946
1st-2nd Prize

#2 9 + 9

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Геннадий Владимирович Чумаков (09-04-1942) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Gennady Vladimirovich Chumakov)

A.Melnichuk, Gennady Chumakov and M. Kostilev, Tver 2011
Alexander Melnichuk]

Gennady Chumakov is a helpmate composer. He has obtained many successes and seems to enjoy composing in collaboration with Fadil Abdurahmanovic or E.Fomichev.

Чумаков, Геннадий Владимирович
XIV командное первенство России 2001
2nd-3rd Prize

h#2b) bBa2->g2
c) bBa2->c2
7 + 10

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Puiu Popescu (09-04-1947) Romanian composer

Puiu Popescu is a twomover and helpmate composer.

Popescu, Puiu
Phénix, 2003

#2 5 + 3

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Михайло Іванович Мишко (09-04-1958 - 01-01-2018) Ukrainian composer and FIDE Master(Mikhail Ivanovich Mishko)

Mikhail Mishko

Mikhail Mishko was born in Belarus and moved to Donetsk after the Chernobyl accident. He was a selfmate composer specialized in long problems and he often associated with Valery Kirillov.

Мишко, Михайло Іванович
Шахматная композиция 1998
1st HM

s#30 5 + 2

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Sven Trommler (09-04-1966) German composer and Grandmaster

Sven Trommler (left) and Wieland Bruch (right) at Meerane, 2006
[Die Schwalbe]

Sven Trommler composes in all genres and the best way to show his style is to reproduce two of his problems: a selfmate and a helpmate.

Trommler, Sven
Schach-Report, 1993
2nd Prize

s#4 8 + 13

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Trommler, Sven
Persijanow-50 JT, 2006
1st Prize

h#23 solutions 4 + 8
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