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April 29th

Josef Paclt (29-04-1845 - 10-02-1916) Czech composer

Josef Paclt belonged to the Bohemian school of composition. An example of Paclt's production:

Paclt, Josef
Světozor, 1884

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Константин Григорьевич Гаврилов (29-04-1864 - 23-03-1943) Russian composer (Constantin Gavrilov)

Gavrilov was a twomover composer, author of more than 1,000 problems. Gavrilov founded the school of the Strategic twomover in Russia, in contrast with the Bohemian school and the English school. He is the author of several influential articles on the theory and aesthetics of chess problems. The Gavrilov-Pickaninny theme is a variant of the Pickaninny. He collaborated with the "Revista Română de Şah" from 1925 to 1940.
His works were partially published by V. Melnichenko and P.Moldoveanu in 1998.

Гаврилов, Константин Григорьевич
Accademia Scacchistica di Viareggio, 1907
1st Prize

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Гаврилов, Константин Григорьевич
Romania-Finland, 1937
1st-2nd Place

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Norman Trigoboff (29-04-1956) American composer

Not much is known about Norman Trigoboff, but this problem deserves to be quoted:

Trigoboff, Norman
U.S. Problem Bulletin, 1989

Ser-h#52 solutions 2 + 3

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Richard Becker (29-04-1959) American composer and Grand Master

Richard Becker

Richard Becker composes endgame studies and moremovers. He is the moremovers editor of StrateGems. According to Richard's statement on StrateGems:
"I like studies with few pieces and plenty of interesting content. The interesting content may include stalemates, skewers, and mutual zugzwangs."
For the amateur, 56 of his studies have been put on JMRW's website. They are usually very analytical studies and are not very suitable for this blog. The style of the following study is more solver-friendly:

Becker, Richard
Rossi-80 JT Best Problems, 2005
3rd Prize

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Александр Олегович Никитин (29-04-1959) Russian composer (Aleksandr Olegovich Nikitin)

Aleksandr Olegovich Nikitin, 2012

Aleksandr Nikitin is a chess composer from Ryazan. He has also other hobbies, as can be seen on his Facebook profile.
We address him our warmest thanks for his tremendous efficiency in getting photos of chess composers from various sources and posting them on Facebook. Owing to him, we were able to liven up our posts with many photos.

Aleksandr Nikitin composes mostly short helpmates and direct mates. Let's show one of each genre:

Никитин, Александр Олегович
Problem Observer, 1982 (D489/)
3rd Prize

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Никитин, Александр Олегович
The Problemist, 2009 (H3285/sept. 09)

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  1. Becker-Gurgenidse (Tbilisi-1975): author is Christopher Bennett Becker (07.07.1931), but not Richard!

    1. You are probably right, thank you for pointing this database error. Another study (3rd Prize, Rossi-80 JT) has been selected to illustrate Richard Becker's talent.