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April 26th

Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus Seilberger (26-04-1896 - 12-02-1962) Dutch composer

J.J.P.A. Seilberger
[Scan by M. McDowell]

Johann Seilberger is the author of more than 1,000 problems, of which 700 twomovers. He wrote "Het Oplossen van Schaakproblemen" (1919) together with Cor Goldschmeding, a good collection of problem themes.

Seilberger, Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus
Magyar Sakkélet, Aug 1959 (2593)
3rd Prize

#3 8 + 11

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Seilberger, Johann Joseph Petrus Adrianus
Arbejder-Skak, 1954

s#2 12 + 7

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Arnold Beine (26-04-1954) German composer

Arnold Beine, Wageningen 2006
Franziska Iseli]

Arnold Beine is the fairy editor of Die Schwalbe and a usual presence at German problemists' meetings.

Arnold Beine won several prizes in feenschach 2004 with Köko + Double Maximummer problems and has composed a great deal of such problems. The most impressive one is the following (but it is not really for solving):

Beine, Arnold
feenschach 157, 2004 (233)
1st Prize

b) bPb5->a3
2 + 2

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Kari Valtonen (26-04-1954) Finnish composer

Kari Valtonen
[© Hannu Harkola]

Kari Valtonen composes in all genres - endgame studies, direct mates, selfmates, helpmates. He is also Solving Grandmaster.
His award for his Jubilee Tourney Valtonen-50 can be read here.

Valtonen, Kari
The Problemist, 1981
3rd Prize

#2* 9 + 9

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This r#3 deserves a look:

Valtonen, Kari
The Problemist, 2000

r#3  12 + 11

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Thorsten Zirkwitz (26-04-1965 - ??-06-2016) German composer and International Master

Michael Keller, Martin Wessels and Thorsten Zirkwitz, 2000
[TZ's site with the Wayback Machine]

Thorsten Zirkwitz has mostly composed direct mates in collaboration (mainly with Keller) and has obtained many prizes. His personal webpage proposes a collection of his own problems classified by genres and themes, a list of chess problems links. He presents himself and his career as a problemist on this page [his site on the Wayback Machine] : his 'home ground' is the threemovers and two of his favourites problems are this one in the strategic style [broken link] or this #6 in the logical style [broken link].

Here is a list of his articles, as presented on his website [broken links, but all documents are saved on Google Drive]:
Th. Zirkwitz: Nadeshda Leontewa - Portrait einer Problemkomponistin, Die Schwalbe, Heft 122, April 1990, pp. 209-214. On Google Drive, Part one, Part two and Part three.
Th. Zirkwitz: Das Ruchlis-Thema im Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 128, April 1991, pp. 401-408. On Google Drive Part one, Part two and Part three.
Th. Zirkwitz: A Short Introduction to the Bohemian Chess Problem, The Problemist Supplement, issue 10, January 1994, pp. 78-80. On Google Drive: link.
Th. Zirkwitz & M. Tribowski: Die Popandopulo-Batterie, Die Schwalbe, Heft 149, Oktober 1994, pp. 543-548. On Google Drive Part one and Part two.
Th. Zirkwitz: Wechselseitige dreifache Blockpunkte im logisch-orthodoxen Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 161, Oktober 1996, pp. 473-476. On Google Drive: link.
Th. Zirkwitz & M. Keller: Ein neuer Dombrovskis-Effekt im Dreizüger, Die Schwalbe, Heft 186, Dezember 2000, pp. 582-584. On Google Drive: link.

Thorsten Zirkwitz died in the beginning of June 2016.

The selected problem is spectacular enough:

Zirkwitz, Thorsten
Die Schwalbe, 1994
1st Prize

#6VerticalMirrorCirce 7 + 11

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