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April 24th

Luigi Centurini (24-04-1820 - 10-11-1900) Italian composer

Luigi Centurini published in 1853 the booklet "Giuoco degli Scacchi. Finale di Torre e Cavallo contro Torre" that made him famous. and he remained interested in endgames. He composed at least one #4 but he is best known for his talents of endgame analyst.
You can try to solve (or to remember the solution of) the below position or you can go directly to this webpage for three such endgames.

Centurini, Luigi

+ 3 + 2

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Charles Francis Stubbs (24-04-1853 - 18-08-1907) Canadian composer

He gathered and published the collection "Canadian Chess Problems" in 1890 and it can be downloaded from here. You may find below a #4 by Stubbs, but this s#5 is also interesting.

Stubbs, Charles Francis
Townships Advocate, 1900

#4 4 + 3

A set play is prepared: 1...c6 2.Rd6! cxd4 3.Rxc6# but can White keep this mate?
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Stefan Schneider (24-04-1908 - 08-12-1980) Austrian composer and International Master

Stefan Schneider was initiated into chess composition by Prof. Albert Becker, who edited a chess column in a Viennese newspaper. He composed his first problem at 16 and became a multimover composer with a taste for abstract theory. Naturally he became a theoretician of the Neudeutsche Schule. Please have a look at his portrait in German on

Stefan Schneider was influenced by Holzhausen's "Logik und Zweckreinheit im neudeutschen Schachproblem" (logic and purity of aim) and wrote the article "Zweckökonomie" (economy of aim) that gave a solid theoretical base to the new German School.
Schneider preferred light positions with "Klarheit in Form und Inhalt" (clarity in form and content) which makes his problems especially suitable for this blog.

Schneider, Stefan
Wiener Schachzeitung, 1949
Dedicated to Josef Halumbirek

#6 7 + 7

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Something easier:

Schneider, Stefan
1st WCCT, 1972
5th Place, 1972-1975

s#2 vb) wKd1->f1
11 + 10

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Schneider, Stefan
Schach (Berlin) 1960
2nd Prize

#5 7 + 5

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Dieter Hanslik (24-04-1942) German composer

Hanslik, Dieter
Schach (Berlin) 1979 (8895)
2nd HM

#2* v 7 + 9

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