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April 27th

John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby (27-04-1861 - 26-12-1920) British composer

John Thursby

Sir John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby was president of the National Chess Congress in 1904 (more details about him here, thank you Peter!)
John Thursby published a collection of his own problems in 1883 entitled "Seventy Five Chess Problems": it can be downloaded here.

Thursby, John Ormerod Scarlett
Holyoke Transcript, 1881
3rd Prize, (Set)

#2* 7 + 6

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Erkki Tapio Puhakka (27-04-1929 - 07-05-1995) Finnish composer

rkki Puhakka composes helpmates and analytical endgame studies such as this one, but here is another one:

Puhakka, Erkki Tapio
Kivi JT, 1981
1st Prize

+ 5 + 3

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Julio Alberto Pancaldo (27-04-1932) Argentinian composer

Happy 80th birthday to Julio Alberto Pancaldo who is the founder of the club "Pena del Mate Ayudado" (section of the Argentinian chess club).
He composes retro problems, helpmates and fairy problems.

Pancaldo, Julio Alberto & Amil Meylán, Horacio T.
3rd WCCT 1984-1988
1st Place

h# 11 + 14

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Pancaldo, Julio Alberto
20th TT Problemkiste, 2000
3rd Prize

h8, h6, d4, c3, b2, a1: Grasshopper
5 + 7

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Владимир Алексеевич Ерохин (27-04-1937 - 15-04-2000) Russian composer and International Master (Vladimir Alexeyevich Erokhin)

Vladimir Erokhin is a twomover composer who also left a theme named after himself and belonging to the Dombrovskis family.
Erokhin theme:
1.X (2.A#) 1...a 2.B#
1.B 1...a 2.A#
See also Erokhin 4x4 theme and Erokhin doubling theme.

Ерохин, Владимир Алексеевич
Kharkov TT, 1981

#2 10 + 13

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Микола Іванович Колесник (27-04-1969) Ukrainian composer and International Master(Mykola Ivanovich Kolesnik)

Mykola Kolesnik has composed more than 500 helpmates, most of them in collaboration with Roman Zalokotsky.

Залокоцький, Роман Федорович & Колесник, Микола Іванович
Victory-60 JT, 2005
1st Prize

h#6 5 + 8

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Винокуров, Вадим Константинович & Колесник, Микола Іванович
JT Moscow-1941, 2006
2nd Prize

h#22 solutions
4 + 11

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  1. Erokhin theme need to be corrected: 1.X (2.A#) 1...a 2.B# ; 1.B 1...a 2.A#, any one of these phases may be a solution.

  2. About Sir John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby exists a lot on the Internet. Image can be found here: A detailed biography of his life can be found here:

    1. Thank you Peter for the precious links and details!