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April 18th

Edouard Pape (18-04-1870 - 06-03-1949) French composer

Edouard Pape on the Eiffel Tower
American Chess Bulletin, sept. 1921

Edouard Pape composed more than 2000 problems, most of them twomovers in the "Good Companions" style - he was vice-president of the Good Companions. He wrote a chess-themed novel "La variante F.VIII du Gambit Camulogène". The Pape theme requests the double en-passant capture of the same white pawn.

Pape, Edouard
Good Companion, 1917
1st Prize

#2 7 + 10

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Григорий Леонтьевич Попов (18-04-1950) Russian composer and International Master (Grigory Leontievich Popov)

Grigory Popov

Grigory Popov is a moremover composer with many recent successes. He was 7th in the moremovers section in WCCI 2004-2006. Here is a sample of his talent:

Попов, Григорий Леонтьевич
Московский конкурс 2010
3rd Prize

#7 6 + 9

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Попов, Григорий Леонтьевич
Gafarov-70 MT, Uralsky Problemist, 2006
3rd Prize

#12 9 + 10

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Попов, Григорий Леонтьевич
Шахматная поэзия 2009
2nd Prize

#14 9 + 11

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Margus Sööt (18-04-1980) Estonian composer

Margus Sööt (right)
Cologne, 2007

Margus Sööt is a chess player and solver who sometimes composes. He is also the studies editor of the Swedish magazine "Springaren".

Sööt, Margus
49th PCCC, Vodka Ty, 2006

#3 4 + 3

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