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April 17th

Marcel Aschenazi (17-04-1924 - 18-02-1997) Romanian-American composer

Marcel Aschenazi enjoyed new ideas in #2 and #3 and in heterodox problems.
You may be interested in his twomover composed in collaboration with Virgil Nestorescu or in this threemover.

Aschenazi, Marcel
2nd WCCT, 1980
2nd Place, 1980-1983

#3 14 + 11

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Николай Осипович Долгинович (17-04-1928 - 15-01-1997) Russian composer (Nikolay Ossipovich Dolginovich)

Nikolay Dolginovich
[© Evgeny Kashirin (1949-2007)]

Nikolay Dolginovich composed direct mates or helpmates.

Долгинович, Николай Осипович Europa-Rochade, 1989

h# 6 + 7

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Alex Casa (17-04-1932 - 28-07-2005) French composer and International Master

Alex Casa was a strong player and specialist of the twomover. He is the first problemist who managed to show a 5th degree correction in a twomover.

Casa, Alex
L'Échiquier de Paris, 1953
3rd Prize

#2 10 + 7

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Ignaas Vandemeulebroucke (17-04-1934 - 25-08-2018) Belgian composer

Ignaas Vandemeulebroucke

Ignaas Vandemeulebroucke handled the problems column in the "Echiquier Belge". He published in 1983 "A. d'Orville du club d'Anvers" about the problems of Auguste d'Orville.
Check the nice sacrifice key in this twomover or this problem:

Vandemeulebroucke, Ignaas
Revista Română de Şah, 1979
4th HM

#2 10 + 6

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Jörg Kuhlmann (17-04-1951) German composer

Jörg Kuhlmann wrote in collaboration with Hilmar Ebert & Hans-Peter Reich "Minimalkunst in Schach".
He composed some retractors that were published for instance in "Diagramme und Figuren" but he also composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.

Kuhlmann, Jörg
Bo Lindgren-50 JT, Springaren 1992- 1993
2nd Prize

s#5 11 + 7

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Miroslav Svitek (17-04-1958) Czech-Slovak composer

Miroslav Svitek

Miroslav Svitek favours two- and threemovers. He first composed when young and seems to have taken a long break and to have resumed composing recently (around 2008).

Svítek, Miroslav
Lacny-50 JT, 1976
1st Prize

#2 v 12 + 7

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Oliver Sick (17-04-1965) German composer

Oliver Sick (right)

Oliver Sick is a chess player and composer.

Sick, Oliver
Die Schwalbe, 1997
2nd Prize

#5 11 + 13

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Виктор Фёдорович Волчек (17-04-1966) Belarusian composer and International Master (Viktor Fyodorovich Volchek)

Viktor Volchek

Viktor Volchek composes mostly directmates and sometimes selfmates or helpmates. He has won a good deal of prizes during his career and he often composes in collaboration with other directmate composers.
Here is an example of his technique:

Волчек, Виктор Фёдорович
34th TT Albino, 2007-2008
3rd Prize

#2 12 + 2

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Max Jacobs (17-04-1904 - 27-02-1958) American composer

Max Jacobs
Problem, November 1957
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

[Moved from April 1st post]
Max Jacobs was born on April 17th, 1904 according to this genealogical website where you can read miscellaneous details about his life and family. (Thanks to Moshe Rubin for the link). He was a good tournament player but due to illness he chose chess composition and solving.

Jacobs, Max
Fide Revue T. 1959

h#2b) -wBa8
6 + 4

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  1. The diligent student notes:
    1) Viktor Volchek was awarded the FIDE Master title in chess composition, in 2011.
    2) minor typo in Alex Casa's classic #2 achievement: the third defense says 1...Sd5, but you meant 1...Sde7.

    1. Thanks! Both 1) and 2) have been corrected and a new photo has been added (Nikolay Dolginovich).