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April 8th

Valerian Oniţiu (08-04-1872 - 31-12-1948) Romanian composer

Valerian Oniţiu
[Revista Romana de Sah no.2/1949 page 54]

Valerian (Valeriu) Oniţiu was a complete composer who worked in all genres but composed more helpmates and selfmates. You can read his obituary in Romanian in Revista Romana de Sah no.2/1949 page 54
His most quoted problem is probably the following:

Oniţiu, Valerian
Die Schwalbe, May 1929

#6f2: Grasshopper
2 + 3

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An interesting selfmate in 2 moves with multiple possibilities by the black Queen can be seen here, but we have selected another one, also based on zugzwang:

Oniţiu, Valerian
Magyar Sakk Lap, 1906

s#2 8 + 11

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Michael Terebesi (08-04-1936) Swiss composer

Terebesi, Michael
Schweizerische Arbeiter Schachzeitung, 1974
2nd Prize

#2 v  7 + 13

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Marjan Kovačević (08-04-1957) Serbian composer and Grandmaster (Марјан Ковачевић)

Marjan Kovačević

Marjan Kovačević has been GM in composition since 2007, International Judge since 1989 and GM in solving since 1988. He is a very regular and genial presence at the World Chess Composition Congress. Besides being a first class solver and composer, he is also an excellent writer, thanks to his professional experience as a journalist. His latest remarkable achievement in that field was his Mat Plus article-interview about Odette Vollenweider.
His problems are usually very elegant:

Kovačević, Marjan
FIDE World Cup, 2010
1st HM

h#3.5 2.1...
5 + 7

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A recent twomover success:

Kovačević, Marjan
Olympic Tourney 2010
2nd Prize

#2* v 10 + 9

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Олег Викторович Перваков (08-04-1960) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Oleg Viktorovich Pervakov)

Oleg Pervakov

Oleg Pervakov is an amazing endgame studies composer renowned for the quality of his output. He is also known as a collaborator of the Russian chess magazine "64" and as a Fide Master for solving.
He has also written a book in collaboration with Mark Dvoretsky "Studies For Practical Players: Improving Calculation And Resourcefulness In The Endgame".
For a selection of studies by Pervakov, please have a look at this site.

A very tactical endgame:

Перваков, Олег Викторович
Shanshin-40JT - Die Schwalbe 2001,
1st Prize

+ 6 + 3

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Miodrag Mića Radomirović (08-04-1951 - 04-07-2019) Serbian composer (Миодраг Радомировић)

Miodrag Radomirović was a strong Candidate Master in OTB, but also a strong chess problem composer, although he had only 2 problems in the FIDE Albums. He was a member of Serbian team at WCSC and WCCT and composed direct mates and helpmates. His last quality problem won the 3rd prize at the Strategems 2018 tournament.
More words about him by Branislav Djurašević on Mat Plus.

Радомировић, Миодраг
Belgrade Internet Tourney 2005,
1st Prize

#2 11 + 10

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