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October 6th

Arthur Ford Mackenzie (06-10-1861 - 23-06-1905) Jamaican composer

Arthur Ford Mackenzie

Arthur Mackenzie lost his eyesight in 1896 but continued to compose chess problems. His 282 problems were compiled by A.C. White in "Chess Lyrics" in 1905: it was the first volume of the White Christmas series, which can be downloaded and read from here.
More details about this Jamaican citizen can be found on He wrote and published in 1897 in Kingston the book "Chess: Its Poetry and Its Prose", as recalled Edward Winter in his Chess Notes.

His most famous problem may be this one:

Mackenzie, Arthur Ford
Sydney Morning Herald, 1905
1st Prize

#2 12 + 11

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Mackenzie, Arthur Ford
Bohemian Chess Club, 1877
1st Prize

#3 10 + 10

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Iosif Gross (Grosu) (06-10-1908 - 03-06-1990) Romanian composer

Iosif Grosu was the editor of the problems section of the "Revista Romana de Sah" from 1970 until 1990. He was also an International Judge.

Gross, Iosif
Bristol Times and Mirror, 1928
1st Prize

#2 10 + 9

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Андрей Степанович Былевский (06-10-1909) Russian composer (Andrey Stepanovich Bylevski)

Andrey Bylevski composes direct mates, usually miniatures.
He wrote "300 избранных шахматных задач" in 1996.

Былевский, Андрей Степанович
Вечерний Ленинград 3rd Sep 1980

#3 4 + 3

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Rafael (Raffi) Ruppin (06-10-1940) Israeli composer

[Raffi Ruppin receiving the trophy from the judge, Evgeny Bourd, 2014 -
Variantim 63]

Raffi Ruppin is an International Judge for threemovers and selfmates, but he also composes twomovers, helpmates or fairy problems.

Ruppin, Rafael
problem (Zagreb) 1960
1st Prize

#4 8 + 8

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Ruppin, Rafael
problem (Zagreb) 1967
1st Prize, ex aequo

s#3 9 + 8

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Юрий Васильевич Базлов (06-10-1947) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Yuri Vasilyevich Bazlov)

Yuri Bazlov

Yuri Bazlov is a remarkable study composer who obtained twice the prize "Study of the Year" which is granted to a study that could be considered attractive from the o.t.b. player's point of view.
JMRW's website presents some of his studies.
Yuri Bazlov made the cover of EG 167 in January 2007 for his Study of the Year 2005 which can be seen below.

Базлов, Юрий Васильевич
ЮК УП-10, Уральский проблемист 2003
1st Prize

+ 3 + 4

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Базлов, Юрий Васильевич
Nunn-50JT, 2005
5th Prize

= 3 + 4

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Claude Boy (06-10-1950) French composer

Claude Boy was an excellent solver (three times French champion in the 1970s) who also composed a few problems.

Boy, Claude & Gandy, Jean-Claude
Themes 64, 1980

h#3b) bPg4->d6 4 + 3

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Johan Beije (06-10-1968) Dutch composer

Johan Beije
[Facebook profile]

Johan Beije has composed in all genres and used to work as an editor of selfmate and fairy columns in different magazines ("Suomen Tehtäväniekat", "Probleemblad").

Beije, Johan
Probleemblad, 2006 (Z314)
3rd Prize

s#12 11 + 8

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Владимир Тяпкин (06-10-1973) Russian composer (Vladimir Tyapkin)

Vladimir Tyapkin
[Good Companion's Meeting 2009]

Vladimir Tyapkin mostly composes direct mates.
He is the webmaster of this website, a chess problem community for Russian speaking people.

Тяпкин, Владимир & Чумаков, Геннадий Владимирович
M.Prcic-70 JT, 2009
1st HM

h#42 solutions
4 + 7

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