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October 13th

František Dedrle (13-10-1878 - 28-05-1957) Czech composer

František Dedrle

John D. Beasley presented this composer in BESN Special Issue 31 where he also gave a few of his studies with commented solution and which can be read with pleasure:
"The Moravian composer and analyst František Dedrle (1878- 1957) was an all-rounder whose interests embraced problems, studies, and endgame theory. Problemists know him from "Böhmische Schachminiaturen" (1922), from his introduction (in English) to A. C. White's book "Bohemian Garnets" on the problems of Miroslav Havel (1923), and from his trilingual book "Echo" (1927). His writings on the endgame included an article on Drtina's theory of critical squares in pawn endings (1919) and a book "Studie" (1925) containing 150 studies with detailed analysis (...)"
He was also an International Judge.
Read "Böhmische Schachminiaturen" here.
For more details about the Dedrle brothers František and Cyril, please read Siegfried Hornecker's article on ChessBase.

Dedrle, František
British Chess Federation 20th Tourney, 1935
2nd Prize

#3  9 + 10

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Dedrle, František
80 Eindspelstudies, 1926

+  3 + 3

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Николай Иванович Сподин (13-10-1946 - 18-03-1976) Russian composer (Nikolay Ivanovich Spodin)

Nikolay Spodin composed direct mates.

Сподин, Николай Иванович
Hlas ľudu, 1971
2nd Prize

#4  9 + 3

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Andreas Buckenhofer (13-10-1967) German composer

Andreas Buckenhofer composes helpmates and fairy problems.

Buckenhofer, Andreas
Problemkiste, 1989
1st Prize

b4, e4, c3, a2, g2, d1, f1, h1: Grasshopper
1 + 16

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Peter Grunder (13-10-1924 - 03-01-2012) Swiss composer

Peter Grunder between Andreas Schönholzer and Adrian Beutlerand
and behind Hans Jakob Schudel
at the first meeting of the Swiss Chess Problemists Association in 1974

Peter Grunder composed directmates, helpmates, selfmates and fairy problems (often with fairy condition Circe). His best #3 is quoted in the Swiss anthology "Kunstschach in der Schweiz - Les Echecs artistiques en Suisse" and two of his Circe selfmates were quoted in the collection "Inverses Circés Remarquables" (Remarkable Circe Selfmates) by Paul Raican.

Grunder, Peter
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1992

h#24 solutions
3 + 5

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