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October 25th

Friedrich Martin Palitzsch (25-10-1889 - 02-04-1932) German composer

Friedrich Palitzsch was a founding theoretician of the German Logical school. He created, explored and promoted the Dresden theme: A good defence to a threat is eliminated (usually by means of a foreplan) and a bad defence by a different piece (not previously available) is introduced.
In 1917 he wrote "Die Ablenkung, das Element der indirekten Kombination" which exposed the concepts of the neo-German school.

Palitzsch, Friedrich Martin
Svenska Dagbladet, 1929

#3 3 + 4

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Palitzsch, Friedrich Martin
Dresdner Anzeiger, 1925
4th Prize

#3 9 + 9

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Александар А. Атанасијевић (25-10-1922 - 01-04-2007) Serbian composer (Alexandar A. Atanasijevic)

Alexandar Atanasijevic composed in all genres, but was especially fond of long problems - serial helpmates or selfmates.

Атанасијевић, Александар А.
Mat (Beograd) 1973
2nd Prize

Ser-h#31 9 + 7

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Roméo Bédoni (25-10-1927) French composer and FIDE Master

Roméo Bédoni at Annecy chess club

Roméo Bédoni is a prolific composer who enjoys fairy chess and frequently invents new forms of fairy conditions or pieces. He nevertheless composed orthodox direct mate problems.
In 1997 he published "Problèmes d'Echecs en tous genres" which contains 201 problems and was reviewed by Christian Poisson on his website. A sample of his problems are quoted in this book review.

Bédoni, Roméo
Europe Échecs, 1975
1st Prize

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Bédoni, Roméo
Europe Échecs, 1965

s#6 5 + 2

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Michal Hlinka (25-10-1953) Slovak composer and International Master

Michal Hlinka

Michal Hlinka is a twomover and studies composer.
Some of his studies were selected by JMRW on his website.

Hlinka, Michal
Van Reek-50 JT, 1995
2nd Prize

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Andrzej Jasik (25-10-1969) Polish composer and FIDE Master

Jan Rusinek, Stefan Parzuch, Eugeniusz Iwanow, Waldemar Tura and Andrzej Jasik, 2007
[Source: Szachy w moim życiu.]

Andrzej Jasik composes mostly studies, but also occasionally direct mates or helpmates.
The interested reader may already know his #14 which won the Time Krabbé-60 JT.

Jasik, Andrzej
Muradkhan Muradov-65 JT 2015
1st Prize

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