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October 3rd

François Le Lionnais (03-10-1901 - 13-03-1984) French composer

François Le Lionnais 1936

François Le Lionnais was the co-founder of the French literary movement Oulipo with Raymond Queneau and was also a chemical engineer and mathematician.
He was the chief editor of "Les Cahiers de l'Echiquier Français" from 1929 to 1936, held a few chess columns and wrote a few books about chess, such as "Le dictionnaire des échecs" (1967, with Ernst Maget).

Le Lionnais, François
L'Action Française, 2nd Mar 1931

#4 6 + 6

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Walther Martinus Johannes Jørgensen (03-10-1916 - 17-10-1989) Danish composer and International Master

Walther Jørgensen
[© Hannu Harkola]

Walther Jørgensen composed about 700 problems (mostly 3- and moremovers and selfmates) but is mostly known for his work as an editor. He published numerous problem chess books and was problem column editor in "Problemnoter" or "Stella Polaris". He was an International Judge.

Jørgensen, Walther Martinus Johannes
Dänemark-Israel, 1959
1st Place

#3 11 + 8

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Jørgensen, Walther Martinus Johannes
1st WCCT, 1972
2nd Place, 1972-1975

s#2 11 + 12

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Alain Biénabe (03-10-1958 - 22-02-2021) French composer

Alain Biénabe

Alain Biénabe was, with Nicolas Giffard, the author of "Le Guide des échecs" (1993) followed by a new version in 2009 "Le Nouveau Guide des échecs : Traité complet". He wrote the chess problem part of this encyclopedia.
He owned a very large chess book collection (among which the complete Alain White "Christmas Series") and has composed problems in all genres. He was also the French chess solving champion in 1986.

In 2012 he created with Jean Lochet the website Problemiste.fr which is no longer maintained.

Biénabe, Alain
feenschach, 9th Jul 1979 (2781)

h#3 3 + 3

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Biénabe, Alain & Lindgren, Bo Waldemar
Sarajevo T.T. 1984
2nd Prize

h#2     b) +bBf5
c) +wSf5
d)  +bSf5
  6 + 6

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Ferhat Karmil (formerly Kakabadze) (03-10-1958) Georgian composer and FIDE Master

Ferhat Karmil (formerly Kakabadze)

Ferad Kakabadze composes moremovers. He has recently published problems under the name of Ferad Carmel or Ferhat Karmil. He is the author of the chess site ChessStar.com.

Kakabadse, Ferad
Смена (Москва) 2000

#5    b) bPd6-> f6
c) wSe4->d1
  4 + 2

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Victor Aberman (03-10-1958 - 08-11-2016) Ukrainian-American composer

Victor Aberman
[source: superproblem.ru]

Victor Aberman was an IT programmer who started his career in Ukraine and migrated to the USA in 1991. He wrote poetry and composed in all genres.
You can see two other problems by him on superproblem.ru.

Aberman, Victor
Chess Star 2009
Special Prize

+   3 + 4

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  1. Walther Jorgensen is also famous for his unbelievable mate-in-203 problem.

    Until today, this is the longest dual-free direct mate problem without pawn promotions ever composed.

    The problem and a step-by-step solution can be checked here. :)

  2. ... it is still a pity that Victor Aberman died. His studies are all at a very high level! He received his awards from very strong tournaments. A great loss of a very talented study composer.