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October 24th

Miroslav Soukup (24-10-1903 - 1981) Czech composer

Miroslav Soukup
[Vaclav Kotesovec]

Miroslav Soukup composed direct mates and selfmates. Vaclav Kotesovec dedicated a page of his site to M.Soukup where he detailed the list of his editorial achievements: columns for chess magazines such as "Československi šach", books dedicated to fellow composers. Such as an homage "Josef Cumpe - Věrný Čech" (1943) can be downloaded from here.

Soukup, Miroslav
Parallèle 50, 1948
1st Prize

#7  8 + 9

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Soukup, Miroslav
Pauly MT, 1934
1st Prize

s#5  12 + 7

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Пётр Тихонович Головков (24-10-1931 - 01-04-1999) Russian composer (Piotr Tikhonovich Golovkov)

Piotr Golovkov composed direct mates and helpmates.

Головков, Пётр Тихонович
Olympia-Turnier, 1974
2nd Prize

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Головков, Пётр Тихонович
Komsomols-Thematurnier, 1976
1st Prize

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Holger Helledie (24-10-1951 - 24-11-2019) Danish composer

Holger Helledie composed in all genres.
He wrote with Leif Schmidt "Danske miniaturer: 284 udvalgte skakopgaver".
He was the solutions editor of "Thema Danicum".

Helledie, Holger
British Chess Magazine, 1974

ser-h#17 5 + 8

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Израиль Давидович Каценеленбоген (24-10-1898 - 09-1941) Russian composer (Israel Davidovich Katzenelenbogen)

Israel Katzenelenbogen
[Source: Задачи и этюды 5/1928]

Katzenelenbogen composed direct mates.
He was a cornerstone of the Russian magazine Zadachi y Etyudy in the period 1928-1930.
More about him can be read in Yakhov Rossomakho's article in Zadachi y Etyudy 58/2012.

Каценеленбоген, Израиль Давидович
2nd Prize
Шахматный листок, 1927

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