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October 16th

Hermann von Gottschall (16-10-1862 - 07-03-1933) German composer

Hermann von Gottschall
[Chess Notes]

Hermann von Gottschall was a strong chess player and the chief editor of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung".
He was the author of "Kleine Problem-Schule" (1885), "Sammlung von Schachaufgaben" (1898–1908) and "Streifzüge durch das Gebiet des Schachproblems"(1926).

Von Gottschall, Hermann
Frankfurter Schachzeitung, 1895
1st Prize

#3 7 + 4

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Edward Millins (16-10-1877 - 19-11-1932) British composer

Edward Millins was a Good Companion twomover composer.

Millins, Edward
Good Companion, Dec 1920
3rd Prize

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Moriz Henneberger (16-10-1878 - 07-04-1959) Swiss composer

Moriz Henneberger

Moriz Henneberger was a chess player and master. From 1949 until 1956 he was the chess problem editor of the SSZ ("Schweizerische Schachzeitung"). In 1915-16 he published studies with Bishops of different colours that were theoretically important. He also composed more than 40 studies with a black desperado Rook.
He published the book "Alpine Chess" in the White Christmas series (1921) and "J. Juchli's Schachprobleme" (1908).

Henneberger, Moriz
Die Schwalbe, 1952

#33 11 + 2

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Всеволод Альфредович Раузер (16-10-1908 - 1941) Ukrainian composer (Vsevolod Alfredovich Rauzer)

Vsevolod Rauzer

Vsevolod Rauzer was a chess player who is nowadays best known for his contribution to the chess opening theory, but he also composed chess problems and studies.

Раузер, Всеволод Альфредович
Шахматный листок 1929 (384)
2nd Special Honorable Mention

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Reiner Schocher (16-10-1941) German composer

Reiner Schocher is a direct mate composer.

Schocher, Reiner
Schach (magazine) 1981
1st HM

#3 12 + 9

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