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October 29th

Pehr Henrik Törngren (29-10-1908 - 19-01-1965) Swedish composer

Pehr Törngren was a physician, writer, translator and psychoanalyst. He translated Freud as well as Thomas Mann.
His collection of chess problems was later integrated into Klaus Peter Zuncke's collection.
In 1928 he also wrote with Eric Törngren "Schackproblemet: en handbok för alla problemvänner".
He composed in all genres, direct mate miniatures, helpmates, selfmates, fairy problems or items with retro content.

Törngren, Pehr Henrik
Aftonbladet, 1930
1st Prize

     5 + 5

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Slavko Maslar (29-10-1926 - 20-11-2007) Serb composer

Slavko Maslar is Zdravko's brother and he composed with him many problems, most of them helpmates.

Maslar, Slavko
problem (Zagreb) 1961

3 + 3

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Владимир Николаевич Рычков (29-10-1955 - 30-10-1995) Russian composer (Vladimir Nikolayevich Rychkov)

Vladimir Rychkov composes mostly direct mates.

Рычков, Владимир Николаевич
ЮК Ю. Калугина 1991
1st Prize

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Рычков, Владимир Николаевич
Дзвін Чорнобиля 1992
4th Prize

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Gabriel Léon-Martin (29-10-1885 - 31-05-1970) French composer

Gabriel Léon-Martin composed in all genres. He was most known outside France for his fairy problems, but in his own country he established his reputation as a composer of strategic moremovers. He mostly enjoyed strategic miniatures.
He was a founding member of the Permanent Commission for Chess Composition of the FIDE (1954) and obtained the title of International Judge in 1957.
More information about him and more problems by him can be found in French on or on pages 312-313, Thèmes 64 Nr.20 / 1960.

Leon-Martin, Gabriel
8th TT, die Schwalbe 1929-30
1st Prize

#3 5 + 4

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