Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st

Horacio Tomas Amil Meylán (01-06-1923 - 12-06-2023) Argentinian composer

Horacio Amil Meylan, 2011

Horacio Meylan was a solver and a composer of all genres of problems.
His updated biography can be seen in the web page of UAPA (Argentinian Union of Chess Problemists). You can read the English version of the biography published in UAPA here.

Amil Meylán, Horacio T.
Ajedrez Mágico, May 1971 (26/966)
2nd Prize, ex aequo

h#32 solutions
4 + 5

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Pavel Kamenik (01-06-1963) Czech composer and FIDE Solving Judge

Pavel Kamenik, 2010

Pavel Kamenik has multiple activities: editor of Sachove Umeni magazine, director of solving tourneys such as the European Chess Solving Championship, and composer. Since 2012, he has been FIDE Solving Judge.

Kameník, Pavel
ЮК Повенец-500, 1996
9th Prize

#3  4 + 2

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  1. Pavel Kameník is FDE Solving Judge since 2012, see