Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st

Horacio Tomas Amil Meylán (01-06-1923) Argentinian composer

Horacio Amil Meylan, 2011

Horacio Meylan is a solver and a composer of all genres of problem.

Amil Meylán, Horacio T.
Ajedrez Mágico, May 1971 (26/966)
2nd Prize, ex aequo

h#32 solutions
4 + 5

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Pavel Kamenik (01-06-1963) Czech composer and FIDE Solving Judge

Pavel Kamenik, 2010

Pavel Kamenik has multiple activities: editor of Sachove Umeni magazine, director of solving tourneys such as the European Chess Solving Championship, and composer. Since 2012, he has been FIDE Solving Judge.

Kameník, Pavel
ЮК Повенец-500, 1996
9th Prize

#3  4 + 2

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  1. Pavel Kameník is FDE Solving Judge since 2012, see

    1. Thanks, the information has been added.