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June 29th

Ilmari Mäkihovi (29-06-1927) Finnish composer

Ilmari Mäkihovi, Hangon 1965
Ilmari Mäkihovi was a twomover composer. The Ellerman-Mäkihovi theme is shown by this twomover and consists in the following 3-phase play:
1...a 2.A,B#
1.X? a 2.A#
1.Y! a 2.B#
Here is a twomover with a different theme:

Mäkihovi, Ilmari
Tidskrift för Schack, 1946
1st Prize

#2 10 + 13

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Kevin James Begley (29-06-1967) American composer

Kevin Begley
[Facebook profile]

Kevin Begley is a fairy and retro composer. His presence could be noticed [until the end of 2014 - edit Jan.2015] on Mat Plus forum
Among his fairy problems, one can mention this Circe Equipollents serial selfmate with Allumwandlung, or this Wenigsteiner published on Mat Plus forum with mates in opposite corners.

About corners:

Begley, Kevin
Good Companions 2nd Quick Tourney, 2001
1st Prize
Dedicated to Ryan McCracken

#3f8: Chameleon Knight
f7: Chameleon Rook
h1: Chameleon Bishop
5 + 8

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One of his best fairy proof games is the following :

Begley, Kevin
StrateGems, 2003
2nd-3rd Prize
For Kagan

PG 11.5PWC 16 + 16

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Yoshinori Yamada (29-06-) Japanese composer

Let's salue Yoshinori Yamada, who composes Shogi problems (Tsume-Shogi).

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