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June 10th

Efrén Petite (10-06-1926 - 13-03-2014) Spanish composer

Efrén Petite

Efrén Petite has been International Judge in two- and threemovers since 1966. He composed direct mates, selfmates and helpmates.

Petite, Efrén
Europe Échecs, 1978
2nd Prize

#2 10 + 10

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Rolf Uppström (10-06-1953) Swedish composer

Rolf Uppström wrote "Nordiska minimalproblem" in 2006 and is a co-worker of the Swedish magazine "Springaren".
He himself has composed quite a few direct mate minimals (white King + one white piece) such as this 8-mover. The following problem is rather different:

Uppström, Rolf
The Problemist, Mar 1982 (6606)

#4 6 + 1

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Marco Campioli (10-06-1954) Italian composer

Marco Campioli, 2012

Marco Campioli is an endgame study composer.

Campioli, Marco
Die Schwalbe, 12th Jun 2004
2nd Prize

+ Black to move 3 + 3

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Peter Hoffmann (10-06-1955) German composer and FIDE Master

Peter Hoffmann in the German town of Cochem in August 2014
[© Peter Hoffmann]

Peter Hoffmann was the first composer to present a cyclic Babson task in orthodox moremover without promoted units. The problem and many other Babson tasks can be seen in his Babson task article on Ralf Krätschmer's website.

His talent is not limited to Babsons: in 2011 he was granted the title of FIDE Master and a commented selection of his problems in PDF format can be seen and downloaded on berlinthema.de.

Hoffmann, Peter
Schach-Report, 1992
2nd Prize

#4 8 + 11

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