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June 2nd

Horatio Bolton (02-06-1793 - 15-08-1873) British composer

Gary Kevin Ware did a good job on to present Horatio Bolton and Colin Vaughn's discovery,
"from S.S. Blackburne's "Terms and Themes of Chess Problems", that the Reverend Horatio Bolton was a Norfolk clergyman, and a "fine composer of the old school. He used to be regarded as the Father of the Problem Art in England and was a master composer of his day." Horatio Bolton is the subject of the first chapter of Das Indische Problem by Johannes Kohtz and Carl Kockelkorn, "Das indische Problem", and this also happens to be the first problem in that book."
The problem is widely known, but it still deserves your attention and has been reproduced below.
You might also find interesting this page about the K+2S vs K+P study (Horatio Bolton, 1840) which influenced Troitzky: inspired by Bolton's study, he thoroughly analyzed this endgame K+2S vs K+P. and published the analysis in "Chess Studies" (1937).

Bolton, Horatio
The Chess Player's Chronicle, 1842

#3  10 + 8

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Harri Heikki Veikko Hurme (02-06-1945 - 23-09-2019) Finnish composer and FIDE Master

Harry Hurme, 2011
[© Hannu Harkola]

Harry Hurme was solving IM and had a varied repertoire: he composed direct mates, studies, selfmates, reflexmates and helpmates.
You can read more about his chess career as o.t.b. player, solver and composer here (link provided by Peter Krug).

Hurme, Harri Heikki Veikko
The Problemist, 1991
1st Prize

#2  7 + 12

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Johan de Boer (02-06-1963) Dutch composer

Piet le Grand & Johan de Boer, Halkidiki 2004

Johan de Boer is currently the Secretary of the Dutch Society of Chess Problem Friends (Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden).
He composes in all genres (direct mates, helpmates, fairies, proof games) and is also an experienced solver (FM).

De Boer, Johan
Schach-Aktiv 2011

h#3b) wPf3->g4 5 + 9

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Jozef Havran (02-06-1952) Slovak composer

Jozef Havran between Miroslav Kasar and Marian Cervenka, 2004
[Juraj Lörinc]

Jozef Havran composes direct mates and selfmates. He is the selfmate editor of the Slovak magazine PataMat.

Havran, Jozef
G. Kálniczky MT 1982
1st Prize

#3*  9 + 7

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  1. Harry Hurme was an extraordinary chess personality. Who among us manages to achieve mastery in such different disciplines?
    Compared to him, I only know Yochanan Afek.