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June 14th

Alberto Mari (14-06-1892 - 26-08-1953) Italian composer

Alberto Mari
Умнов Е.И., Шахматная задача ХХ века: 1901-1944 г
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Alberto Mari was one of the great European problemists member of the Good Companions. He was the editor of "L'Alfiere di Re" and of "L'Italia Scacchistica".

Mari, Alberto
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1929
1st Prize

#2 11 + 11

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Comins Mansfield (14-06-1896 - 28-03-1984) British composer and Grandmaster

Comins Mansfield in his twenties
Comins Mansfield
[Source of both photos:  Pioneers of Devon Chess]

Comins Mansfield became International Judge in 1957 and was the first Briton to be awarded the FIDE title of Grandmaster, 4 years before Tony Miles.
He was president of the British Chess Problem Society from 1949 until 1951 and president of the PCCC from 1963 until 1971. He was probably the greatest twomover composer of the 20th century.

"A Genius of the Two-Mover" in Alain C. White's Christmas Series, proposes a selection of 113 problems by Comins Mansfield, with commentary. It can be read here. "Adventures in composition" by C. Mansfield in Alain C. White's Overbrook Series, is an autobiographical treatise on the composition of two-movers, with 110 examples. It can be read here.

Mansfield, Comins
Schiffmann MT, Revista Română de Şah, 1931
1st Prize

#2 12 + 8

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Mansfield, Comins
The British Chess Magazine, 1930
1st Prize

#2 v 9 + 7

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Rui de Carvalho Nascimento (14-06-1914 - 03-09-2012) Portuguese composer and Honorary Master

Rui de Carvalho Nascimento (1978)

Rui de Carvalho Nascimento is the author of "Problemas de Xadrez" (1986) and "Problemas de Xadrez II" (1995). He composed mostly twomovers.
More information about him can be found in Portuguese on Wikipedia and a 2004 photo of him on [broken link].

Nascimento, Rui De Carvalho
Stratford Express, 1949
Prize, (Originality)

#2 9 + 9

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Nicolaas Cortlever (14-06-1915 - 05-04-1995) Dutch composer

Nicolaas Cortlever was o.t.b. IM and the author of some analytical endgame studies.

Cortlever, Nicolaas
Schakend Nederland, 1983 (1950)
4th Honorable Mention

+ 6 + 6

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Wolfgang Dittmann (14-06-1933 - 05-02-2014) German composer and International Master

Rainer Paslack, Wolfgang Dittmann, Hartmut Laue,
Carsten Ehlers & Arnold Beine, Meerane 2006
[Die Schwalbe]

Wolfgang Dittmann is also an International Judge in retro problems. He composed direct mates and selfmates but recently started composing only retro problems, especially AntiCirce Proca Retractors, for which he is nowadays famous.
His book "Der Blick zurück" (2004) is a reference work for retrograde analysis theory and practice.

Dittmann, Wolfgang
O-O, 1979
1st Prize, ex aequo

Castling in 1 before 4 moves
Defence retractor Type Proca
2 + 7

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Dittmann, Wolfgang
Die Schwalbe, 1989
1st Prize

#5b5, f4, d3, e2: Nightrider
7 + 12

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Исаак Шулимович Бирбрагер (14-06-1935) Russian composer (Isaak Shulimovich Birbrager)
Isaak Birbrager was a strong player, journalist and composer.

Бирбрагер, Исаак Шулимович
Revista Română de Şah, 1959
1st Prize

#2 7 + 8

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Gérard Doukhan (14-06-1954) French composer and FIDE Master

Gérard Doukhan is a twomover composer.

Doukhan, Gerard
Die Schwalbe, Aug 1983 (4386)
1st Prize

#2 vvv 13 + 9

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Miodrag Mladenović (14-06-1964) Serbian composer and Grandmaster (Миодраг МЛАДЕНОВИЋ)

Miodrag Mladenović

Miodrag Mladenović is Grandmaster in composing and solving. He is Slobodan Mladenović's son. More about his problems on the Serbian Problemists website.

He composes mostly directmovers and selfmates. 6 of his best reflexmates have been analyzed by Juraj Lörinc on his website.

Mladenović, Miodrag
Mat Plus, 1997
1st Prize

#3* 5 + 9

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Mladenović, Miodrag
The Problemist, 2005
1st Prize

#3 10 + 12

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Martin van Essen (14-06-1980) Dutch composer

Martin van Essen is a player, solver and composer. One of his successes was his 2nd prize in the Humor Study tournament 2004 won by Sergiy Didukh - details on Tim Krabbé's diary.

Van Essen, Martin
Avni-JT50, 2005
1st Prize

= 6 + 9

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Dieter Kutzborski (14-06-1947 - 27-04-2019) German composer

Dieter Kutzborski in 1968
[SSZ 1968, page 132]

Marcel Tribowski has been kind enough to attract our attention to this composer. Although Dieter Kutzborski was one of the very best contemporary three- and moremover composers, his work is unfortunately not as well-known as it should be. He refused to submit his problems to FIDE-Albums, which means that he will not be granted a FIDE title for composing and this might explain why his work is somewhat overlooked.

Dieter Kutzborski is the co-author, with Wolfgang Dittmann and Armin Geister, of "Logische Phantasien. Herbert Grasemann und seine Schachaufgaben."
Herbert Grasemann told in "Schach ohne Partner für Könner" how Berlin problemists met Dieter Kutzborski for the first time; this passage was translated into English by Daniel Maxwell and published on by Gary Kevin Ware.

Kutzborski, Dieter
Die Schwalbe, Dec 1969
1st Prize

#4  10 + 13

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Kutzborski, Dieter
Schach-Aktiv, 2007
1st Prize

#15  9 + 13

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Slavko Radovanović (14-06-1949 - 18-07-2013) Serbian composer

Slavko Radovanović composed direct mates, helpmates and selfmates.
The Serbian Problemists have quoted a selfmate on this page.

Радовановић, Славко
6th Place
Liga Problemista, 2000 (2)

h#24 solutions 5 + 8

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