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June 18th

Edgar Bettmann (18-06-1866 - 13-02-1945) American composer


Edgar Bettmann was Henry Wald Bettmann's brother and he composed almost always in collaboration with Henry.

Bettmann, Edgar & Bettmann, Henry Wald
St. John Globe, 1884
1st Prize

#3 7 + 5

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Валентин Филиппович Ударцев (18-06-1935) Russian composer and FIDE Master (Valentin Filipovich Udartsev)

Valentin Udartsev
Problem, May 1979
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Valentin Udartsev is a direct mate composer.
You can read more about him on Valery Surkov's blog (in Russian): an article by Rauf Aliovsadzade that highlights Udartsev's creativity and his ties with composers from Azerbaijan and co-authors such as Valentin Shavyrin.

Ударцев, Валентин Филиппович
Shakhmaty (Baku) 1987
1st Prize

#2  11 + 6

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Ударцев, Валентин Филиппович
Шахматы в СССР 1978
1st-2nd Prize

#4  10 + 12

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René Jean Millour (18-06-1943) French composer

René Millour and wife Bernadette, Crete 2010

René Millour does not have any title in chess composition because he never sends his problems for publication in the FIDE Album. The mere 2.5 points he got in the FIDE Album are due to problems composed in collaboration with other composers. However, there cannot be any doubt about the high level of René Millour's compositions. About one fourth of his published problems have been awarded a prize.

René Millour was the French champion at the first (and only, until now) French composition championship in 1983-84. He composes in all genres, but prefers retro and fairy problems. He invented the fairy condition Mars Circe.
He prefers problems with promotions and has composed, until now, many Babson-task problems. One of them is the following:

Millour, René Jean
f-50 JT, feenschach, 1999
1st Prize

ser-h#34 solutions
9 + 6

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Another Babson-task Anticirce sh#3 can be admired here.

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