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June 15th

Jindřich Fritz (15-06-1912 - 09-11-1984) Czech composer and Grandmaster

Jindřich Fritz

Jindřich Fritz was an endgame study and problem composer. In 1951 he became the editor of the studies
column of Ceskoslovensky Sach. He wrote several books, such as "Moderní šachová studie : Úvod do theorie a skladby" (1951), "Šachová studie" (1954) and "Vybrané šachové problémy" (1959) which contains 252 of his endgames and 50 of his problems.

As Jaroslav Pospisil wrote in EG 80 (1984, pp 437-438):
"... his inspiration came from a new method of composing based on retrograde analysis, and he condemned the classic style of Rinck and Prokes, considering it exhausted and with no future. The characteristics of Fritz' creative work were laid down before the outbreak of World War II, but his greatest successes came in the 1950's and 1960's."
For his centenary, an endgame study anonymous Memorial Tourney "Jindřich Fritz - 100" has been organized by Emil Vlasak and will be judged by IM Jaroslav Polášek.
You may find on 40 studies by J.Fritz.

A classical Bohemian threemover:

Fritz, Jindřich
Český deník, 1940
1st Prize

#3 5 + 10

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A typical Fritz endgame study:

Fritz, Jindřich
Šachové umění 1981 (5966)
1st Prize

= 4 + 5

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Henry Olof Axel Forsberg (15-06-1914 - 17-12-1981) Swedish composer

Henry Forsberg
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин]

Henry Forsberg composed about 150 problems, among which this famous helpmate in two with "Forsberg twins":

Forsberg, Henry Olof Axel
Wolfgang Pauly MT, Revista Română de Şah, 15th Jan 1935 (1/599-603)
1st Prize, 1934-1935

h#2b) Black Ra6
c) Black Ba6
d) Black Sa6
e) Black Pa6
3 + 2

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Julien Gustave Emile Vandiest (15-06-1919 - 02-03-2011) Belgian composer

Julien Vandiest, November 2001
Photo by Jurgen Stigter [Wikimedia]

Julien Vandiest was one of the three Musketeers, Belgian endgame study composers: these composers are Vandiest, Roger Missiaen and Ignace Vandecasteele. Julien Vandiest was specialized in miniature endgame with Queens.

Vandiest, Julien Gustave Emile
Joseph-100 MT STES Journal, 1996
3rd Prize

+ 3 + 4

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Matti Arvo Myllyniemi (15-06-1930 - 06-05-1987) Finnish composer and Grandmaster

Matti Myllyniemi
[© Hannu Harkola]

Matti Myllyniemi
[© Hannu Harkola]

Matti Myllyniemi composed in all genres, with a preference for twomovers and helpmates in two. He was also an International Judge.

Myllyniemi, Matti Arvo
Satakunnan Teht. TT, 1976
1st Prize

h#22 solutions 10 + 10

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Myllyniemi, Matti Arvo
stella polaris, 1966
1st Prize

h# 3 + 4

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Hrvoje (Vojko) Bartolović (15-06-1932 - 03-11-2005) Croatian composer and Grandmaster

Hrvoje Bartolović
[PZR Zagreb]

Hrvoje Bartolović was a (mostly twomover) composer and International Judge.
In 2005 Juraj Lörinc selected on his website 6 excellent problems of his, in various genres as an obituary. Another excellent twomover by Hrvoje Bartolović showing Zagoruiko in perfect presentation is quoted on his Wikipedia webpage.
He was, with Nenad Petrović, the best Croatian composer and a selection of 72 of his best problems was published in 1963 in the Yugoslav review "Problem".
The Bartolovic theme is a letter theme:
1.X? 1...a,b 2.A,B#
1.Y? 1...a,b 2.C,B#
1.Z! 1...a,b 2.A,D#

Here is another Zagoruiko - the construction skillfully spares the use of white Pawns:

Bartolović, Hrvoje
problem (Zagreb) 1957
1st Prize

#2 vv 8 + 6

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Леонід Федорович Топко (15-06-1939) Ukrainian composer (Leonid Fedorovich Topko)

Leonid Topko

Leonid Topko composes problems and studies. He recently started composing miniatures endgame studies such as this one:

Топко, Леонід Федорович
Червоний гірник 1978
3rd Prize

+ 3 + 3

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Петре Стоjоски (15-06-1951 - 12-02-2019) Macedonian composer (Petre Stojoski)

Petre Stojoski was a well-known helpmate composer.
You can see here his 6 entries for WCCI 2016-2018 in helpmates group.

Stojoski, Petre
JT Z. Janevski-50 Orbit 20 2003
3rd Prize

h#2 3 solutions 9 + 13

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