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June 21st

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (21-06-1839 - 29-09-1908) Brasilian writer and composer

Machado de Assis around age 56, c.1896

Machado's presence here may surprise many, but Vladimir Nabokov is not the only famous writer who composed problems. Machado de Assis composed at least one problem, a simple twomover:

De Assis, Joaquim Maria Machado
Ilustração Brasileira, 1876

8 + 6

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Roberto Stelling adds about Machado de Assis:
"He was a good friend of Arthur Napoleão and often played chess with him. His composition was published on page 11 of "Caissana Brasileira", 1898, but was probably composed many years before that."

Wilhelm Karsch (21-06-1899 - 09-04-1973) German composer

Wilhelm Karsch, right, with Hans Peter Rehm, left

Wilhelm Karsch composed moremovers and selfmates as well as fairy problems. He was one of the founders of "Die Schwalbe" in 1924 and the editor of its fairy column between 1952-57. Afterwards he focused his energy on "Feenschach", which he had founded in 1949 and for which he was chief editor until 1970.

Karsch, Wilhelm & Laib, Kurt Friedrich
Die Schwalbe, 1935

5 + 9

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Karsch, Wilhelm
Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1925
2nd Place

7 + 10

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Karsch, Wilhelm & Laib, Kurt Friedrich
Revista Română de Şah, 1934
5th HM

7 + 13

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Robert Eugene Burger (21-06-1931 - 06-02-2019) American composer and FIDE Master

Bob Burger in action:

Robert Eugene Burger composed direct mates (mostly twomovers) but he was also a known chess player and publicist, author of "The Chess of Bobby Fischer", "Grandmaster Chess" and "The Unknown Tal".

Burger, Robert Eugene
American Chess Bulletin, 1955 1st Prize
#2* v 11 + 7

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Михаил Васильевич Матрёнин (21-06-1947) Russian composer (Mikhail Vasilyevich Matryonin)

Mikhail Matryonin

Mikhail Matryionin composes direct mates and occasionally also series problems.

Матренин, Михаил Васильевич
The British Chess Magazine, 1977
#3 8 + 2
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Mukkur Parthasarathy (21-06-1929 - 03-01-2020) Indian composer and FIDE Master

As Shankar Ram wrote on Mat Plus, Mukkur Parthasarathy was active in the 1960s and 1970s, and then, after a 20 year gap, again in the 1990s. His style of orthodox 2-mover composition, combining traditional motifs with modern changed play, inspired other Indian composers like C.G.S.Narayanan. He was the winner of the Brian Harley award, more than once. He acted as President of the short lived Indian Chess Problem Society in the 1990s and was also the editor of its publication "Cross Check". Trained as a mathematician, Parthasarathy served in the Indian audit and accounts service, rising to the level of Deputy Auditor General, before his retirement around 1990.

Parthasarathy, Mukkur
1st Prize, British Chess Federation Tourney No. 110, 1965-1966
#2vv 15 + 7
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Parthasarathy, Mukkur
4th Prize, British Chess Federation 103rd Tourney 1962-1963
ser-h#23* 7 + 6
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