Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16th

Илья Степанович Шумов (16-06-1819 - 07-1881) Russian composer (Ilya Stepanovich Shumov)

Ilya Shumov

Ilya Shumov was one of the best Russian chess players of the time and the author of the first Russian book about chess composition. His is also the author of many figurative problems, such as the 5-mover "T":

Шумов, Илья Степанович
Schachzeitung, 1856

#5 5 + 10

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Robert (Robin) Charles Olivier Matthews (16-06-1927 - 19-06-2010) British composer and International Master

Robin Matthews was a renowned economist and one of the world's best composers of threemovers.
He wrote "Chess Problems: Introduction to an Art" (1963) with Michael Lipton and John M. Rice.

Matthews, Robin Charles Olivier
Die Schwalbe, 1953
1st Prize

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Matthews, Robin Charles Olivier
British Chess Federation, 1953
1st Prize

#3 11 + 9

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Ангел Златанов (16-06-1938) Bulgarian composer (Angel D. Zlatanov)

Angel Zlatanov composes direct mates and selfmates. He enjoys in particular direct mate miniatures such as this model mates threemover. Here is another, heavier one:

Златанов, Ангел
Šahs/Шахматы (Rīga) 1988
1st Prize

#3 5 + 11

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Mário Matouš (16-06-1947 - 04-07-2013) Czech composer and FIDE Master

Mário Matouš, 2006
[Emil Vlasak]

Mário Matouš is best known for his endgame studies, but he also composed problems. Some of Mario's studies have been compiled on the website [broken link].
Chess coach Vladimir Grabinsky also quoted 10 studies by M.Matouš on his site, ARVES mentioned him and tens of his studies in their Hall of Fame, and John Beasley published a version of the EG obituary by Emil Vlasák.

Matouš, Mário
Olympijská Súťaž 1982
4th Prize

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Matouš, Mário
Chavchavadze MT, 1987
2nd Prize

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  1. Mario Matous was a genius in study composing. He was
    one of the best ever. Altough this matter for e.g. in the magazine
    "die Schwalbe" only some words were spent to memorize him.
    It is very sad in chess composing in generell that great chess composer get only very, very small attention!

    1. I have updated the links related to Mario Matouš.
      The best homage is the Arves page in their Hall of Fame.