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Michael Keller (31-05-1949) German composer and Grandmaster

Michael Keller, Martin Wessels and Thorsten Zirkwitz, 2000
[Photo by Günter Büsing]

Michael Keller
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Michael Keller is specialized in two- and threemovers.

The Keller paradox is a direct mover theme that requests that "White moves to a square just controlled (or controlled again) by Black."
In 1994 Friedrich Chlubna wrote the collection "Michael Keller. Ein Meister der Schachkomposition" comprising 279 problems by Keller.

On Wikipedia you may see an excellent and strategically very rich threemover of his. Of course Michael Keller composed many beautiful problems, but here is a typical one:

Keller, Michael
Schach-Aktiv, 1999

#3 12 + 12

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Michael Grushko (31-05-1955) Ukrainian-Israeli composer

Semion Shifrin and Michael Grushko

Michael Grushko composes in all genres but mostly fairy problems and especially miniatures or Wenigsteiner with neutral pieces and several fairy conditions.
You may read here a short portrait of him made by Leonid Lubashevsky on "Kozatska Shakhivnytsia".

Grushko, Michael
Mat Plus, 2007 (25/642)
2nd Prize

h3, h2: Neutral Pawn
b) nPh2->g2
1 + + 2
In ChameleonChess, all pieces are Chameleons.

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Валерий В. Гуров (31-05-1967) Russian composer and Grandmaster (Valery Gurov)

Andrey Selivanov and Valery Gurov, 2008

Valery Gurov is a well-known composer, involved in composing, judging and organizing chess problem tourneys. He is the helpmate editor of Uralski Problemist.
He composes mostly helpmates, but also fairy problems. First an example of helpmate:

Гуров, Валерий В.
Buletin Problemistic, 2000

h#2 8 + 11

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And one example of fairy problem:

Гуров, Валерий В.
Feenschach, 1999

4 + 9

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Сергій Ігорович Дидух (31-05-1976) Ukrainian composer and FIDE Master (Sergiy Igorovich Didukh)

Sergiy Didukh

Sergiy Didukh is a young talented composer whose endgame studies have already been remarked by judges. He was also noticed for his sense of humour and his articles in varied magazines (Mat Plus) or his column in The Problemist before Yochanan Afek came back.
Some of his studies are reproduced on and his blog here. Here the detailed solution of an excellent study of his, presented by Brian Stephenson.

Дидух, Сергій Ігорович
Humor Tourney EBUR, 2004
1st Prize

= 6 + 11

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Ugo Lancia (31-05-1885 - 21-07-1960) Italian composer

Ugo Lancia
[Il Problema]

Ugo Lancia was a correspondence player, solver and chess composer.
He was a prolific composer and composed mostly two- and three-movers, as well as some helpmates.
More about him on

Lancia, Ugo
L'Italia Scacchistica, 1917
1st Prize

#3 11 + 8

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