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May 10th

Bernhard Horwitz (10-05-1807 - 29-08-1885) German-British composer

Bernhard Horwitz

Bernhard Horwitz was a chess player, one of the Berlin Pleiades. However, his main contribution to this history of chess was his analytical achievements in problems and studies.
Josef Kling and Bernhard Horwitz's "Chess Studies" (1851) is a fundamental work on the endgame study.

A not too difficult study to start with:

Horwitz, Bernhard

+ 4 + 3

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Gerard Johan Bouma (10-05-1923 - 27-11-2017) Dutch composer

Gerard Bouma
[Source: Probleemblad]

Gerard Bouma composes in all genres with just as much success.
In 1983 he wrote in collaboration with Max Niemeijer a 43-page brochure "Op zoek naar harmonie: schaakproblemen van Gerard Johan Bouma"and a selection of Hans Burbach's problems "Hans Burbach - Schaakproblemist".

Bouma, Gerard Johan
De Waarheid, 1981
1st Prize

#3 10 + 9

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იოსებ კრიხელი (10-05-1931 - 22-09-1988) Georgian composer and Grandmaster (Iosif Mikhailovich Krikheli)

Iosif Krikheli
[Source: scan by M. McDowell

Iosif Krikheli became famous thanks to his helpmates and moremovers and won the 15th USSR composition championship in 1984. Yuri Akobia's article about Iosif Kricheli in Mat Plus Review 12, Winter 2009, can be read here and is definitely a must-read, as well as the obituary "In memory of a colleague" by IM Velimir I. Kalandadze in EG 98.

Just one example among tens of others:

Kricheli, Josif Michailowitsch
Schach (Berlin) 1968
2nd Prize

h#22 solutions
5 + 9
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ველიმირ კალანდაძე (10-05-1935 - 27-10-2017) Georgian composer and International Master (Velimir Kalandadze)

Velimir Kalandadze

Velimir Kalandadze is a study endgame composer and also an International Judge for studies. He is renowned as a specialist of Rook endings.
One can read with interest his articles in EG: "Ten of the world's best studies, through the eyes of a composer (and a Computer!)" written in collaboration with John Roycroft in EG 63, Feb.1981) or "Local and global study ideas or 'topographical range of logical manoeuvres" in EG 80, May 1985.

Kalandadse, Welimir
Akaki-150 JT, 1991
1st-2nd Prize

+ 5 + 2

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Another study with the touch of GM David Gurgenidze:

Gurgenidse, Dawid & Kalandadse, Welimir
Akobija-60 JT, 1997
1st Prize

= 7 + 6

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Іван Олександрович Брюханов (10-05-1960) Ukrainian composer (Ivan Bryukhanov)

Ivan Bryukhanov is a selfmate composer and a solver who also sometimes composes direct mates and helpmates. He indulges in long selfmates, but he also composed successful shorter selfmates:

Брюханов, Іван Олександрович
Sakkélet, 1994
3rd Prize

s#3 10 + 13

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Сергей Петрович Абраменко (10-05-1968) Russian composer (Sergey Petrovich Abramenko)

Sergey Abramenko

Sergey Abramenko is chess trainer and direct mate composer with about 200 problems and 50 studies already composed,  according to this page in Russian.

Абраменко, Сергей Петрович
Probleemblad, 1999
4th Prize

#4 12 + 9

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