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May 24th

Dirk Borst (24-05-1963) Dutch composer and FIDE Master

Dirk Borst, Cheltenham 2002
Franziska Iseli ]

Dirk Borst composes mostly proof games, sometimes with a fairy condition. For this reason he is a usual presence at the Andernach meeting. Here is a good example among so many other PG prowess:

Borst, Dirk
feenschach, 1997

PG 21.0AndernachChess 16 + 12

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He also composes fairy problems, such as this memorable neutral King reflex mate:

Borst, Dirk
The Problemist, 1997
1st Prize

r#2a8: Neutral King
7 + 9 + 1

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Alexander Zidek (24-05-1964) Austrian composer and FIDE Master

Frank Richter, Alexander Kostka, Klaus Wenda, Georg Pongrac and Alexander Zidek, Vienna 2016
[harmonie 130, March 2016 ]

Alexander Zidek composes direct mates and helpmates.

Zidek, Alexander
Die Schwalbe, 1988
1st Prize

#3 10 + 9

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Arno Gerhard Wilhelm Horst Zude (24-05-1964) German composer

Arno Zude, 2009

Arno Zude is a Solving Grandmaster, Solving World Champion in 1994 and 17 times German Solving Champion (last times in 2012, 2013 and 2014), o.t.b. International Master, who composed (at least) one series helpmate.

Zude, Arno Gerhard Wilhelm Horst
Rochade, 1982 (92)

ser-h#7 2 + 5

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Friedrich Bethge (24-05-1891 - 17-09-1963) German composer

Friedrich Bethge composed many miniature direct mates.
He was also a playwright and dramatist, member of the Nazi party and SS-Obersturmbannführer (biography on Wikipedia).

Bethge, Friedrich
Schach-Echo, 1941 (27)

#3 4 + 3

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