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May 20th

Machgielis (Max) Euwe (20-05-1901 - 26-11-1981) Dutch composer and o.t.b. World Champion

Max Euwe

Max Euwe was the fifth World Champion and a very appreciated president of FIDE. Robert Fischer paid him a (probably involuntary) compliment: "There's something wrong with that man. He's too normal."

His biography can be read here and other details linking Euwe with computer history here. It can be noted that "Euwe was indeed a very fine mathematician who concentrated more on his mathematics throughout his life than on his chess." For those interested in mathematical chess, the page here by Manfred Börgens might prove an interesting read (it tackles the question whether chess is a finite game).

However, Max Euwe also composed one chess problem and some studies. Here is the twomover:

Euwe, Machgielis
Kikeriki, 1927

#2 3 + 4

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Emil Převorovský (20-05-1920 - 04-10-1942) Czech composer

The sixth volume of the collection "Gallery of Czech composers" was dedicated to Emil Převorovský (authors: I.Mikan, J.Fritz and L.Stepan) and can be read here thanks to V. Kotesovec.
Emil Převorovský was of course a Bohemian composer.

Převorovský, Emil
J.Kvíčala MT, 1940
2nd Prize

#3 6 + 14

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იური აკობია (20-05-1937 - 05-11-2014) Georgian composer and International Master (Iuri Akobia)

Iuri Akobia, 1995

Iuri Akobia was an endgame studies composer, who also published some direct mates.
He recently became specially interested in mutual zugzwangs and won the FIDE World Cup 2010 - study section.
His website is a very rich resource for the lovers of chess studies and problems. He also worked on a very ambitious editorial project - a "World Anthology of Chess Studies" - for the moment three volumes have been published: 1. Studies with stalemate, 2. Studies with mate and 3. Studies with positional draw.

Akobia, Iuri
Gaprindashvili-50 JT Lelo, 1991
Special Prize

Black to Move
4 + 4

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Wieland Bruch (20-05-1961) German composer and Grandmaster

Wieland Bruch

Wieland Bruch is a direct mate composer who sometimes explores the field of endgame studies. He was 3rd in the 2004-2006 twomover WCCI and 2nd in the 1998-2000 threemover WCCI.

Wieland Bruch collaborates with the Swiss magazine "idee & form". He wrote an article published in a special EG issue in 2008 "Exploring the watershed between more-mover and study". He is also an International Judge.

Bruch, Wieland
Die Schwalbe, 1995
1st Prize

#2 14 + 9

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Bruch, Wieland
Die Schwalbe, 2000
1st Prize

#2 vvv 13 + 10

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    After many years unfortunataly this reach Websites does not more exist.

  2. Now there is another website by Iuri Akobia, which is a real treasure trove for chess study composition. Iuri Akobia was an extremely diligent publisher.
    Please visit his amazing site: