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Richard Réti (28-05-1889 - 06-06-1929) Slovak-Austrian composer

Richard Réti

Richard Réti was a famous player and endgame composer. In 1931 was published "Samtliche Studien", the compilation by Artur Mandler of Reti's 53 studies. It can be read here.
John D. Beasley (yes, John again) recently edited the complete presentation of Richard Réti's endgames, who has always been "one of his chess heroes". You can enjoy this presentation and John's prose here on John's website and there is not much that could be added to John's work.
You may also enjoy reading Edward Winter's chess notes about the Réti Brothers.

Réti, Richard
Hastings and St.Leonards Post

+ 4 + 3

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André Caresmel (28-05-1907 - 02-12-1975) French composer

André Caresmel was the vice-president of the French problemists association from the beginning of the 1960s until his death in 1975. He started chess composition in 1953 and composed direct mates. He was also the editor of the twomover column of the French magazine "Themes 64".

Caresmel, André
Themes 64, 1963
1st Prize

#2 *b) after the key 9 + 7

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Pentti Olavi Sola (28-05-1907 - 09-04-1940) Finnish composer

[source: Shakkihistoria]

Pentti Sola compiled "A Collection of Problems by Finnish Composers" in 1934 and it was published in the Christmas Series (read it here).
He directed the problems section of "Suomen Shakki" from 1933 until 1936. He composed direct mates and helpmates and was considered as one of the greatest Finnish chess composers. Some biographical details about Pentti Sola (in Finnish) can be found on ShakkiHistoria.
The results of the Pentti Sola 100 Memorial Tourney can be read here.

Sola, Pentti Olavi
The Problemist, 1931
2nd Prize

h#2b) bBg4
c) bRg4
4 + 4

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Sola, Pentti Olavi
Suomen Shakki, 1933
1st Prize

#3 7 + 8

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Helmut Zajic (28-05-1934 - 16-08-2008) Austrian composer

Helmut Zajic
[© Hannu Harkola]

Helmut Zajic was an International Judge. He composed 300 works in all genres (from studies to fairy problems) and has given his name to a helpmate theme.
Zajic theme"A black unit moves in the black King's field where it is captured by a white piece, itself captured by the black King."
2 of his direct mates can be admired in Klaus Wenda's award of the Berlin-Thema-Turnier (Deutsche Schachblätter 1976).

Zajic, Helmut
Schweizerische Arbeiter-Schachzeitung, 1966
2nd Prize

#3 11 + 8

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Santiago Larraín Cádiz (28-05-1940 - 00-09-2002) Chilean composer

In 1983 under the Pinochet dictatorship Santiago Larraín Cádiz he was one of the co-founders of the Chilean branch of Amnesty International.
Before his death he was the Director of Cultural Affairs of the Chilean Foreign Ministry (thanks to Jorge Kapros for this link).
Santiago Larraín composed a special series of problems for the Chilean painter Roberto Matta.

Larrain, Santiago
The Problemist, 1979
4th Prize

#2 11 + 14

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Александр Николаевич Панкратьев (28-05-1954) Russian composer and International Master (Aleksandr Nikolayevich Pankratiev)

Aleksandr Pankratiev is a well-known helpmate composer who also composed direct mates. He is very prolific and was documented on Jan Golha's website as a possible plagiarist due to the fact that a considerable proportion of his problems was anticipated.
Here is an excellent moremover that was selected into the FIDE Album 2001-03:

Панкратьев, Александр Николаевич & Marker, Juri Jakowlewitsch
The Problemist, 2001
1st Prize

#5 12 + 12

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Георгий Александрович Евсеев (28-05-1962) Russian composer, FIDE Master and solving GM (Georgy Aleksandrovich Evseev)

Georgy Evseev was four times Solving World Champion and he composes mostly fairy problems. A video says more than one picture. This one was filmed on the occasion of Georgy Evseev's 50th birthday.

Here is one of his prizewinning fairy problems:

Евсеев, Георгий Александрович
17th TT Chess Composition Microweb, 30th Jun 2005 (No. 22)
5th Prize

a8: Neutral Queen
e5, b2: Neutral Rook
d1: Neutral Bishop
2 + 1 + 4

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Ivar Godal (28-05-1916 - 12-03-2002) Norwegian composer

Ivar Godal wrote "154 norske miniatyrproblemer" in 1973. He was very interested in the Valladao task (en-passant capture, promotion and castle in the same solution).
You may see it achieved in this #3 or that #3 or this #2 or:

Godal, Ivar
Postjakk, 1961

#2 6 + 4

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