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Pietro Rossi (26-05-1924 - 18-11-2020) Italian composer

Pietro Rossi

Pietro Rossi was one of the most prominent study composers from Italy and you can have a look at this win study to have an idea about his style.
According to his Wikipedia webpage, The Italian Chess Federation awarded him a gold medal in May 2007 for "high achievements in the field of endgame-study composition".

Rossi, Pietro
Scacco! Jan 1999

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Jaroslav Brada (26-05-1925 - 10-02-2001) Czech composer

Jaroslav Brada - 75 years celebration (Prague 25.5.2000)
up (from left) A.Fica, V.Kotesovec, P.Kamenik, M.Dragoun
down M.Matous, J.Brada, J.Jelinek, J.Karel
[source: V. Kotesovec]

Jaroslav Brada was an International Judge and a direct mate composer. In 1978 he was elected as the president of the Czech chess problemists and from 1987 to 1999 he was the Czech delegate at the PCCC. He also translated Aaron Nimzovich's "My system in Practice" in Czech. More details in Czech here.
In 2011 in the series "Galerie ceskych skladatelu" vol.5 Michal Dragoun published a booklet dedicated to Jaroslav Brada.

Brada, Jaroslav
Šachové umění 1997

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Juraj Brabec (26-05-1938) Slovak composer and International Master

Juraj Brabec []

Juraj Brabec composes twomovers (including with fairy pieces) and is also International Judge in that field. He composed many problems with Ľudovít Lehen.

Brabec, Juraj
ÚV ČSZTV, 1982
1st Prize

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Edmund Makkai (26-05-1949) Hungarian-Romanian composer

Edmund Makkai is a direct mate and helpmate composer.

Makkai, Edmund
Sakkélet, 1997 (11-12/6377)
1st Comm.

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Sven-Hendrik Loßin (26-05-1979) German composer

Sven Lossin

Sven-Hendrik Loßin composes selfmates and is also a solver (his chess blog here).
His chess blog is here and he also collaborates with

Loßin, Sven-Hendrik
The Problemist, 2012

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Николай Михайлович Герасименко (26-05-1947) Russian composer (Nikolay Mikhailovich Gerasimenko)

Nikolay Gerasimenko
Problem, February 1968
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Nikolay Gerasimenko is a direct mate composer.

Герасименко, Николай Михайлович
Ленінське плем'я 1967
3rd HM

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Einar Larsson Letzen (26-05-1898 - 17-05-1973) Swedish composer

Einar Letzen
Problem, September 1969
[Thanks to Александр Никитин ]

Einar Letzen composed twomovers, studies or fairy problems.

Letzen, Larsson Einar
Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snällposten, 1921
1st Prize

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Rolf Richter (26-05-1941 - 14-01-1988) German composer

Rolf Richter
[Thanks to Wikipedia ]

Rolf Richter composed 80 studies as well as direct mates, helpmates and selfmates. He especially enjoyed pawn promotions. A few more details in Peter Siegfried Krug's comment below.

Richter, Rolf
Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1983 (135)
1st Prize

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  1. His very elegant implementation of the topic "underpromotion" was without comparison in the 20th century.
    He focused on this very specialized field without computer assistance and was able to make this topic more convincing
    then the famous Frenchman Andre Cheron.
      His tasks are still admirable. Geir Tallaksen Østmoe resorted to this topic again and he managed to bring a Vallado task with moving kings in the solution

  2. Pietro Rossi, one of the most prominent study composers from Italy died on November 18th, 2020